Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alright! Let's kick this into gear.

Well here I am again with my little chunk of space on the interwebs. My old domain,, was taken over by some psychos attempting to sell tickets to heaven for $7 million. Or something like that. I didn't look too hard because I was so pissed about it. I was unable to renew it when renewal was due, so that's what I get I guess. Those people were probably lying in wait for the expiration date. Ah well. I like this name much better anyway. Not to mention I don't have to worry about renewing it for another three years, so hopefully I'm in for a great few years of blogging and randomness. And I hope a couple people are amused.

All I really want to say for now is some upcoming stuff. Ideally I'd like to bring back my gallery, which took me quite a long time last time to complete because typing captions for all the photos is pretty meticulous, but I simply must have captions. I mean, what's a photo without a witty caption? As long as the photo allows for a witty caption, that is. I'm also going to work on the page with some info about me and hopefully add all of my quotes into the rotator on the main page. I'll also be diving headfirst into some of my favorite bookmarks to start adding to the links section. I'll probably be messing with some other stuff too, so we'll see.

Otherwise, I'm headed back to classes tomorrow after a week off from school and work because I had an appendectomy last Friday. It'd be hilarious if I had pictures from that adventure, but I don't. I got to watch all of Hello, Dolly while I was in the ER waiting to find out what was wrong with me though. That's about the only reason I wasn't going insane. I'd always wanted to watch it. It's definitely a favorite, even though now every time I see it I'll remember my lack of an appendix. Or rather...I punched a bear. Yeah, the bear wound is on my stomach. No, that isn't from my appendectomy. Don't be ridiculous!

Well anyway, until next time, and hopefully there will be a heap of new stuff to speak of. Either that, or I'm bored at school and I'd much rather post than read my philosophy book. Ciao!

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