Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aptera, essays, and a nagging theme issue

[caption id="attachment_40" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The Jetsons are letting us borrow their car! How very nice of them."]The Jetsons are letting us borrow their car! How fortunate we are.[/caption]

I can't seem to figure this vehicle out. What it looks like to me is somebody pretending to be from the Jetsons or from the second Back to the Future movie, neither of which seems to be the best idea. I mean, with a price range of $25k-$40k, it doesn't seem so bad. You charge this contraption, named the Aptera 2e, overnight in your regular home wall outlet and you can go 100 miles the next day. That 100 miles will be spent going below the speed limit of course. But seriously. Can you imagine that thing in a crash? Can you imagine how those little side wheelie thingers would just pop right off like a bottlecap and that nice rounded front would be smashed completely flat straight up to your face? Apparently it's incredibly strong material, but that doesn't stop it from being thrown twenty yards while simultaneously doing several triple axels in the air. I mean, look at those aerodynamics! It's almost built to have a man inside in a red, white, and blue sequined outfit that would be shot out of a cannon at high speeds for our entertainment.

Anyway, I don't think the world is ready for a car that looks like that to be all over the road, especially with those punch-you-in-the-face new Cadillac models and the rebirth of the long-hooded muscle car look. I'm all for fuel efficiency (or lack of fuel altogether) but I hope this thing has a charge indicator inside or something, because I guarantee it'll get less than 100 miles in a lot of cases.

Well, the philosophy paper I've been toiling over is basically completed. Now I have a seven page paper and five story critiques due Thursday and two five page papers and a presentation due Monday. And between work and class, I only have an afternoon and one day to do it all. Such a pain. Other than that, incase you haven't noticed, I've added some things to the site at last and even created a personal header image. Unfortunately, I can't get the title and slogan to disappear from the top of the page when you click a post title to comment on it. See, if you do that, some ugly Helvetica appears at the top. I shouldn't be keeping this theme for much longer though, but I'm trying to think of a design for a logo. TWG needs a logo. And then I'll find a new theme and implement the new logo and banner. Hopefully this will happen relatively soon, even though I really love the current banner.

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