Saturday, February 21, 2009

Caturday and a new theme


There have been a lot of developments over the last few days. The main thing to do now, however, is introduce Saturday is Caturday, an idea I played around with last weekend when I first featured that beautiful Russian Blue, Faith. When I looked at her page today, it said she was adopted! I couldn't believe it. I know it probably isn't because Samuraiof my little blog, but if it is I would definitely appreciate it if you'd let me know!  I feel like if I get this blog out to enough people in my area then maybe when I post a local cat, someone will fall in love with it immediately and decide to inquire about it. It's such a little thing, but it helps. Since I can't adopt any of them myself, as much as I desperately want to, I hope that I can get some of them a home. So without further ado, here is Samurai, a sweet, handsome guy with some Siamese and Snowshoe coloring. I don't know what it is, but I seriously can't resist that face, with that little goatee. He's only eight months old, so he's still a kitten really. It would be such a shame for him to spend more of his life in a foster home. He's with the Pet Adoption League in Yukon, PA and if you'd like to adopt Samurai, just email the shelter at or call 724-722-3670 and ask about him!

Well, if anyone is looking at the date and thinking "Excuse me, I thought it was SATURDAY is Caturday, not Sunday," please don't tear me to shreds, I've been slaving literally all day over my last essays of the week. Only recently have I decided enough is enough, and it's indeed 1:05 AM. And I'm not done with my essay on The Fellowship of the Ring, which of course won't be hard at all for someone like me, it just has to be done. The other thing I had to do for Monday took much longer than expected, and I'm pretty pissed I wasted away my entire sacred Saturday doing homework. There was roast beef afoot though for dinner, and it was pretty damn delicious.

I should actually be headed to bed soon. I think I'll just provide a mashed potatoes version of all the news I was previously going to write paragraphs on. But don't despair, for when Monday night is finally over and all of these cursed papers and presentations are turned in, a celebratory post won't be far off.

So as you can see, there is a new and hopefully extremely permanent theme. I'm trying to move the sidebar down to accomodate a larger header image, but so far all attempts at finding where to do that in the coding have been futile. If I can't do it though, I'll probably still keep the theme anyway with that retarded textual header.

I discovered today that the Nintendo DSi is being released for $170 on April 5th, and I didn't want one so much until I discovered that you can surf the interwebs on it. Yeah, for free. Chat, email, everything. Who in their right mind is paying $100 a month for their Blackberry or iPhone? You sir, are a fool of Polonius-like proportions.

I'm currently really enjoying my Metallica. I don't know why that's important, I just feel really great about it right now. Kind of like earlier when I had the Stone Temple Pilots on, whom I haven't listened to in months. It was a great time. Actually I remember why mentioning Metallica was important. I had a dream last night that I was on a cruise ship with some friends and that for some extremely odd but sick reason, Metallica was playing on it. I definitely had a dream about a Metallica concert, something I long to experience. Naturally I don't remember any of the glorified details, but it was sick. So sick.

I think that'll be all. I'm content to spend a few minutes listening to "Nothing Else Matters" and gathering all of my scattered papers, books, and notebooks into some sort of order before I cave in to my sickeningly comfortable bed. Oh, and more photos should appear next week sometime I think. I think I'll take a fresh set showing my insanely messy work area and some of the things I enjoy when I come home on the weekends. Not as much for showing everyone as for doing it for myself though. But of course I'll share with you folk. Until next time, which I greatly look forward to as all my work (for now) will be done.

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    i recognize that font: it is Scriptina!
    hehe. and i think i may need to but that DSi cuz that would be AWESOME! and missy you need to come back to the community. cuz me and Krystal miss you!