Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caturday, Bed Head, and Distant Release Dates

CaturdayCaturday arrives again, and yet again I'm doing it just minutes past midnight so that it's actually Sunday haha. I'm such a loser. Today was pretty busy though. Hair appointment, eating cinn'm buns, meddling on ebay, setting up a tattoo appointment, eating fajitas...I'm exhausted. But here's what I've gotten out of today. I'm done having straight hair. Well, when I say straight I mean flat and boring, because it's a little wavy. But no, I'm gonna finish my sleek conditioner, buy some body conditioner, and create some bed head waves. I'm ecstatic for this. Messy hair is so much easier to take care of because you don't really have to try. I used to have the bed head look then I bogged my hair down with Pantene sleek junk. Unfortunately I decided this immediately after my hair appointment, so I still have straight hair but now it's all highlighted and chopped up into punky layers. Also after my appointment I realized I should've gotten lowlights instead...but for my next appointment in a couple months I'm all for some hints of brown, messy curls, and that sultry rock goddess look.

Stripes So on to our featured kitty. Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Stripes and she's an Abyssinian mix. Stripes is basically still just a kitten and really looks like a loveable gal. Anyone would melt from this face. She reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek 2. On her profile it says that they think part of her tail may have been amputated, but that shouldn't hold anyone back. You can find Stripes in Wooster, OH at the Wayne County Humane Society. There's also a lot of other lovely cats and dogs waiting for adoption if you check out their site.

Now, as far as the pictures go, I didn't get a lot done. I took a couple of my haircut but you can't tell I got a haircut because it's just a dark and otherwise boring webcam shot. But I'll fiddle with them tomorrow night maybe after work. And ah yes, my tattoo appointment is next Friday at 8:30 pm after work. I'm so excited. So excited in fact that I'm going to have trouble getting through my classes this week, even though I basically only have 2 days of them. Ah, spring break, I need you so bad right now. This is the first time I've actually done anything for spring break too, even though I don't know if getting a tattoo really counts as "doing something" since you're supposed to go to Cancun or some crap. Next year I wanna go somewhere for my last spring break though. My last one. And definitely not Cancun, because I'm not part of the Cancun-like crowd. I should go to Spain. Mmmm...tempting.

As a closing note, I thought I saw somewhere that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was going to be released in like two weeks, but now everywhere I look says TBA or unknown. What the hell, I was so excited. Oh I know where it was. It was over at gamerdna. I looked at the releases, and for the week of March 8th, that game should be released. But it's pretty apparent that nobody else has such information and thus it was ill-conceived. Just like The Sims 3 not being released until June. Damn it all!


  1. aw, that kitty is cute. the bed head thing is cool. i cant pull that off. oh god my hair is a disaster haha. the tat is exciting. Krystal and i decided we all need to go to lunch or something in the near future. you're never on aim. WE NEVER GET TO TALK. which totally sucks since i used to see you like every day lol. Also we are very glad to have you back. me and k did some extensive changes to the club lol. and we've also planned some cool stuff, so don't go on hiatus again LOL. i still cant send you texts btw. it just wont let me. who is your carrier? well now that i have sufficiently written you a novel. email me sometime. I'll be looking forward to your posts!

  2. "Eating fajitas" is officially one of my favorite new phrases, next to "Keanu Reeves carrying a fetus", and "Jeff Goldblum is my father, so naturally, I like your haircut"