Thursday, February 26, 2009

Limited edition DSi and that time I channelled Gollum

You know, I've been on this kick for awhile now that I really want a DSi. Well maybe just a week, but that's just how long I've actually seriously contemplated purchasing one. I've known about it for months but I just never thought I'd have the money to get one and then buy $30 games. I really don't have the money, but like I said last time, the kicker is that web browser. I know it's probably slow as hell and won't go "ding!" when I get an email like a Blackberry does, but what college student can afford the monthly Blackberry and iPhone fees? Oh yeah, the ones who get moneys from the parentals. So I'm content to settle for the slowish free web browser on a device that I can play some pretty awesome games on...all for a one-time fee of $170 plus the few DS games I'd get myself. Unfortunately I'm in the negative as far as money goes, I have to eat salami sandwiches at school every day. Not that those aren't delicious, but if you know me you know I adore food. Other than the poor factor, I also just want a different color or a limited edition one or something. That turquoise isn't bad, but three snazzy new colors were just released in Japan, and I'm hoping by Christmas they'll have more of those cheap bundles like they did with the DS this past Christmas. By then I could have saved. Unfortunately, I discovered something that makes this whole DSi thing so unbearable.

There's a limited edition Final Fantasy DSi being released in Japan. Yeah, Final Fantasy. I mean, it's for the new Crystal Chronicles game "Echoes of Time," but it's by Square Enix and thus I must have it. And it has a kitty in a bowtie on it. That's right, a kitty in a bowtie. I was going to put a picture up but I figured I'd just link to the place I found it. Of course it isn't a DSi featuring any of the characters from the mainstream console games, and probably won't be found in America, but whatever. *channels Gollum* We wants it. We needs it! We must have...the limited edition Final Fantasy DSi precioussss.

Still excited to go see about my tattoo Saturday. Fortunately for me, when I called my salon to make an appointment for any upcoming Saturday, they decided to squeeze me in at 10 AM this Saturday instead of a month from now. Should I post a pic? Possibly. It depends on what I feel like looking like when I wake up to go there. That day I'll also be taking some photos for my little about me thing, which will decidedly not be in the Photos section, but I'm going to have an about me page thingy with pictures and captions only. It may take me awhile to complete though, I'll be taking TONS of pictures and then I have to sort out the most important ones I want to put on here...oh crudmuffins! I just realized I left the cord for my camera at the apartment. Gah, I'll figure something out. I'll at least pick which ones I'm putting up so I can do it the minute I get back Sunday night. Son of an albacore.

Before I sign off, I just want to express my dear love for Madonna's song "Take a Bow." My playlist on my computer is on shuffle and I haven't listened to it in forever. It makes me want to write a story about the events of the song. Except make her metaphors into literal stuff, like how they're actors in a play. And they perform something as love interests and she really loves the guy and he tends to just act interested because he knows she feels that way and likes the attention. It would be so dramatic and painful at the same time. And then she realizes what's going on, and that's that. "The show is over, say goodbye..."

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