Saturday, February 14, 2009

Total lack of motivation

I have three papers and a presentation to orchestrate today and I have no desire to do any of it. Not that I ever have the desire, but today it's exceptionally bad. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with the fact that it's Valentine's Day and I'm (supposed to be) doing schoolwork all day, but I'm feeling a little backed into a corner. There's all of these things I want to do that I can't do. I spent all of last night looking at local cats in shelters on and crying that I can't adopt any of them and give them a home. And I have this great desire to do something else to help them but I can't do anything. I can't donate money because I don't even have money to buy lunch at school or work. I can't donate time because I don't have time myself, and that's one thing I really mourn about my life right now. Time is so rare and precious. I hate that it has to be that way. I wish I could live in one of those countries where you fly at the seat of your pants and make fun of how uptight and rushed all of the Americans are.Faith

Anyway. Here's one of the beautiful kitties I was checking out last night. If you're near North Canton, Ohio you should definitely pick her up! Her name is Faith and she was given up because her family lost their home because of the economy and had to live in an apartment that didn't allow pets. She was expecting kittens but lost them all because of the stress. She's such a pretty Russian Blue shade. I love those big eyes. I'm such a sucker for big kitty eyes. One of my cats back here at my house (not the apartment in the city) has the same big eyes. I call him Baby, but that's not his real name haha. I'll probably post some pictures of him and Star, my orange old lady. It really kills me that I can't just take one of them home with me. The main reason is that nobody is at the apartment for days at a time every week, so the kitty would both not get fed very well and wouldn't get the love I would want to give it. I can tell it's gonna be a long while before I'm able to get my own kitty. I just hope that maybe soon I'm able to contribute something to them so they aren't so miserable in the shelters. Maybe I'll do a featured cat every Saturday? I should probably get some more traffic first...

I might start looking at my philosophy stuff soon, but I don't know. That's what's holding me back the most from starting it...because it's philosophy and I don't know what's going on, then I missed three classes because of my appendicitis and I really don't know what's going on. I was thinking of getting out of the house for like half an hour and running to Beaver's Best Buy or something to see if I can get a hard digital camera case, but that would require me to get dressed and go out into this miserable weather, so it probably won't happen. I hope everyone else is having a good Valentine's Day though, wish me luck trying to get into this stuff.

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