Saturday, March 28, 2009

Caturday and other random thoughts

CaturdayHeading right into Caturday, we have a really special kitty today. I wish I could take her home and give her some love, because she's had a difficult life so far. Her name is Fuzzbucket firstly, which is awesome. Her description said that sheFuzzbucket at Petfinder was found shot and with a broken leg, and that really kills me. She looks so sweet. If any kitty deserves a home, she definitely does. Fuzzbucket is healing well but probably needs a bit of special care because she still has a pin in her leg. She can be found at Bradford Hills Veterinary Hospital in Wexford, PA. Call them up at 724-935-5827 and let them know you're interested! I hope she isn't homeless for very long.

I read earlier that the new skyscraper being built on Ground Zero in NYC isn't going to be called the Freedom Tower anymore. It's going to be called One World Trade Center. Are you kidding me? The same name as before? That registers to me as kind of insulting. It's like...saying it's the same building and that nothing was ever different. What about the symbolic nature of the building? The article says the owners ditched the name because "it would be more practical to market the tallest building in New York as the former north tower's name, One World Trade Center." Oh, good thing it's practical now! Good thing we're worried about practicality and marketing, here. Another part of the article talks about fears plaguing the name: "that the 102-story Freedom Tower's name could make it more susceptible to future attacks than a symbol of defiance against it." Seriously? The name, here. We're worried about a name driving terrorists to attack again? If Osama bin Laden is over there listening to this information, and he's saying "Oh, it's not going to be called the Freedom Tower anymore? Suddenly I have no desire to attack it" then I'll be sincerely surprised. If they're going to do anything, the name of it will have nothing to do with it. But that doesn't even seem to be a main concern. The main concern is marketing the tower. Oh, our responsibility is getting the tower full. And companies are far less likely to set up shop if it's called the Freedom Tower? Regardless of the name, gah, I'm done ranting.

Anyway, while I was surfing the interwebs earlier and not reading Dracula, figuring out what to write for my African cultures paper, or writing my discussion post for Fantasy and Romance, I discovered an awesome photographer and Superheroesphoto set. Her name is Dulce Pinzón and she studied photography at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which is like right around the corner and I had no idea. The photo set is Superheroes, and documents Latinos at their regular jobs, but dressed as superheroes. It shows how we can really underestimate what people are doing out there. I love this one with Minerva Valencia as Catwoman, working as a nanny. I think I like it most because we don't always think of parents and those who care for children as heroes. But they most certainly are.

Lastly, I'm not feeling like being too amusing tonight because I just found out that a guy I graduated high school with was shot and killed today. It's just crazy how quickly and suddenly life can be over. I'm a little reflective at the moment. And listening to Temple of the Dog, because they help the reflective mood and really make me want to go driving nowhere for a few hours. RIP Jimmy.

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  1. Ugh, I know what you mean about being reflective. Last summer, I got a text from my little sister (who lives across the city) that my cousin (who actually lives right down the street from me, I walk past his house every day I go to work) had just been shot and burned alive. Like, dental-records-only burned. I felt so disconnected from my family at that point, because I realized I hadn't actually talked to him in years, and yet we hung out together all the time as kids. It kinda messed with me for a while after that. Another kid I went to school with was actually shot two days before our Commencement. I didnt find out about that until two years later. He was a douchebag though, so im not really sure how I should feel about that.


    I'm kinda upset, no, disappointed by giving the new WTC building the same as the old north tower (unless I've got them backwards). However, one thing I'm most certainly glad they did is drop the 'Freedom' name. That just has George W. Bush written all over it, and the developers are right, that's just a magnet for antimosity, and a bane for tenants that they're looking to bring in. Bush used "Freedom" as a cheap rallying cry that incited Americans, and infuriated the rest of the world (Remember Freedom Fries? Oh god). The people that died on 9/11 deserve more than that. Actually, they deserve a better memorial than simply a replacement of the building they died in, which is just going to be another beacon of capitalist greed and imperialism, the very things that caused attacks in the first place. That's obviously not going to be the case, so I'm glad they at least conceded the Freedom title. I think this country is done rubbing its shit in everyone else's face for a while...