Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caturday, Egyptian adventures, and the evil Spell Checker

CaturdayJust to warn you, this post may be epic. For some reason I just have a ton to say. Before I get into Caturday though, I'd like to curse and thank Maggie over at ModCloth for filling my head with dreams of Egypt. Amusingly enough, before I looked at this tour, I'd never really had a huge desire to go there. The places I really wanted to go were Greece, Hungary, Spain, Australia, Russia. And I really want to go to Istanbul. I wish it was still named Constantinople. What a sweet name. But anyway, you start in Cairo and trek all the way over to Mt. Sinai, which would be breathtaking for me on so many levels and I can't believe I never thought of it before. I've been mulling over some thoughts of taking a grand adventure after I graduate next spring to celebrate finally being out of school and to enjoy what little money I have before I start having to pay my loans back and head even deeper into this so-called "real world" thing. I had originally been thinking Spain, but now going on a completely non-luxurious adventure just sounds amazing. I want to ride a camel. I would feel so awesome if I made it happen. Someday I'm going to go on one of the trips that are weeks and weeks long. It looks to me like fall is a good time to do it, as I'm not a huge fan of dust and they have some dusty summers over there. If I go in September then it's likely that I'll be 23 years old when this happens. I feel old.Pixie at PetFinder

Now, let's leave my foolish dreams behind and go on to Caturday. This here is Pixie, a seven year old girl who is located at my local Beaver County Humane Society in Monaca, PA. She was abandoned because her owners were allergic to her, which really kills me because she's just seven years old and has so much more time to spend with a loving family. I love her face so much, she looks like she's smiling just a little in this picture, like the Mona Lisa! It says short hair on her page, but I think I'd beg to differ on that, she looks quite fluffy if you ask me. Those are the best though. I could pet my long-haired kitty, Star, all day! Please call 724-775-5801 and give Pixie a home!

I love that little smile on her face. Anyway though, besides the Egypt find, I have something else that basically came from the same ModCloth post. It's this website, and I just adore it. I can't wait to yell at someone for their pigritude (laziness) and say that my burger contains a sinapistic sauce (consisting of mustard). And then maybe call someone an orgiophant, who is someone in charge of orgies. Although looking at that word, I could probably have guessed something like that. Haha I just clicked this one: Squiriferous - having the character or qualities of a gentleman. Obviously meant as a compliment, I can just imagine calling someone that. "What'd you call me? Squirrel-what?"

And since my last short story is due on Thursday, I figured hey, I should probably start that today. I don't feel like explaining the details, but I really really love Microsoft Word's spell check and grammar suggestions, and I found this hilarious. See, it might make sense if the sentence was something like "Knowing you is something I would never trade for anything" or something dumb like that. But the sentence is "Knowing you're leaving everything that's familiar Idiot Spell Checkerbehind." Yes I know it's a fragment, it's on purpose, so don't you heckle me. And look at what Microsoft Word told me to change "you're" to. "You is"? Like, "Knowing you is leaving everything that's familiar behind"? COME ON NOW! I know you can read it like, that's what knowing you is like. But that's not even close to the context of it. It's not even dialogue or anything between two people. It's a fragment when you say it like I mean it to be said. Not that I can expect the spell checker to be that smart, but it's just hilarious. "You is" isn't even an acceptable way to break down that contraction! Why doesn't it take into consideration the entire...GAH I can't even rant about it because it's the Microsoft World spell checker and it never knows what's going on. If I was much younger and running the spell checker on my paper, letting it correct everything, I'd be screwed. I bet that's why kids don't know how to spell or use grammar correctly anymore. It's the evil spell checker. The spell checker is behind it all. I should write a story about the Spell Checker as a living entity that has become corrupt and literally brainwashes kids. And they have to put together a team with Tim Allen as the leader to somehow be digitized into the computer to fight the Spell Checker, who hits our rag-tag team with corrections to grammatical errors that are so mind-blowing that they realize their job is a lot more difficult than they thought and they have to bring in Brendan Frasier to help...

And that's the epic post. It was going to be longer but I just realized it's after 6 already and I really need to get some more homework done. I also need to get on Pitt's class list thingy and see what I should take next semester. I don't really know what to do. I'll probably be screwed because I'm likely going to fail at least one of my classes this time around. Ah, I just wish it was done.

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