Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here's my ink at last

My inkVoila! I'm inked. I finally took a picture even though I got it done five days ago. It looks crappy on a webcam, but I promise it's awesome lol. Since you probably can't read it, it says "Litera scripta manet" in Latin and it means "The written word remains," incase you missed my earlier post about it. But if you scroll down you can see the post with the picture of what I got. I didn't know what to expect it to feel like, but it definitely felt like tons of needles darting in and out of my skin in a concentrated area. And then on the edge of the "L" when it went over my shoulderblade it hurt like hell because there's nothing there. And my friend Tori was with me and she kept laughing at the funny faces I was making. According to her, I wasn't making pain faces, I was making annoyed, what the hell are you doing faces. I believe it, even though I wasn't even close to annoyed. I was super excited and she talked to me the entire time and on the way there to keep me from freaking out haha. It definitely helped.

Otherwise, I totally missed the Saturday is Caturday post. I can honestly say I think it's World of Warcraft's fault, not to mention spring break. I forgot it was Saturday really. I was just doing whatever. But the great news is that I'll never forget again, and I checked on the last two cats and they were both adopted! I'm so happy. So now every one I've featured has been adopted. It's pretty exciting.

Other than this I don't have much to say. I recently discovered that the Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad at Friday's (where I work) has like 1300 calories. Good thing I despise that salad. I usually get the Cobb Salad, without bacon and avocado, and adding onions and peppers. Maybe 500 calories or a little less. I'm not saying this because I'm dieting or anything, I just think it's hilarious. 1300 calories? Even better...Chili's has a burger that's got 3810 mg of sodium and 122 grams of fat. Holy stromboli, Batman. There's some other cool restaurant facts here. Most health articles bore the hell out of me, but I really enjoy the whole grading restaurants thing. It's presented in a cool way and makes me want to check out how my favorite places stack up, even though a couple aren't on there. Although it irks me a little to find McDonald's and a couple other places like that with B+ grades...

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  1. I know this isn't a fresh post by internet standards, but getglue led me here and I wanted to say I just got my first tattoo also, it's on my ribs and I know what you mean about ok 1 second hurts like hell the next :) Good choice of phrase