Monday, March 2, 2009

The iPod-napping of 2009

I'm about 87% sure that my iPod has been napped. I've realized over the last couple days that I haven't seen it in forever. I always think man, I need to charge that thing. So when I have a chance and I look for it in my bag, it's never there. Now on these instances I was just under the impression that I'd left it somewhere in the bedroom floor buried under crumpled essays and rejected sleep pants, or maybe even back at home, but I've failed to find it. There's nowhere it could be, really. I don't use it often and when I do it's in my pocket or in my bag. I can't leave it anywhere because it's attached to my ears, and I'd probably notice any tomfoolery or ridiculous behavior that was afoot. It's disappeared, and since I often forget to grab both of my purse's straps so that it's perpetually hanging open for anyone to reach right in there and pick a prize, I have a pretty convincing feeling that it's been nabbed. I don't know. Usually when I feel like I've lost something...I feel like I've lost something. This time I feel pretty convinced that I've been iPod-napped. You know what's so depressing about that? I had it for two months. And I bought it all by myself with money I should not have spent, but I wanted to have it to listen to on the bus and at school and such. I mean, it was just a classic, but it's not even like I can have this reaction: "Oh joy, I'm sad it was stolen but at least I can get an iPod Touch now to replace it!" No. That's is entirely impossible. My brief time with that iPod was golden, and now I'm tossed back into the abyss of silence everywhere I go, because I don't even have money to buy a full meal at McDonald's. Yeah, I just bought fries earlier.

So if I'm not already sad enough about being unable to buy literally anything, I don't know what I'll do when these videogames I so desperately want finally arrive in the US. There's actually a couple I want now, but the thought of spending $50 on something is just so daunting to me. It sounds like I'm spending my life savings and I can't eat for a whole year. My tax return basically disappeared in a matter of days. I still can't make my whole half of the rent. Oh yeah! And I really want to play WoW again. It's crazy. I really want to play it. It's just too fun. But $15 a month sounds like spending my life savings too. But oh, the fun. I also don't want to play it on my laptop. I need a new desktop so bad but since I like to have a computer with a pretty sizeable beefcake, I would need way over $1000. But since I just thought of this now and I'm clutching my sides at school trying not to burst into laughter, here's Leeroy Jenkins.

Anyway, I'm not going to be doing pictures until this coming weekend. It was too dreary last weekend and I think it'll be nicer this time around. Thursday I may start since I get to go home way earlier than normal. I don't know. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get some of the nickels at the bottom of my bag together and buy an orange pop. Then again I'll need a coffee for my night class. I have quite the decision ahead of me.

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