Thursday, March 5, 2009

That Time I Did Nothing Productive All Day

...Oh wait! That's pretty much every day unless I have an essay due the next day. This next week and a half is going to consist of me eating from the all you can eat buffet of laziness. And also probably some normal food eating as well. But today was special, because it just happened to be my last day of class before spring break. But that class happened to end at 10:45 AM, so I've basically been romping around in glee all day, eating Santa Fe Chicken Salads and buying Galileo, Galileo!dresses at the mall and potato wedges from Walmart. I probably should've bought a celebratory cake. I bought a cake last Sunday that said "Happy Birthday" on it even though it's six months away, brought it to the apartment, and ate it right from the tray over the course of the last few days. Just because I wanted buttercream icing and didn't want to be lazy and just buy a tub of that (no, I'm not pregnant). But it was a little round cake so don't everyone freak out on me for eating a sheet cake by myself. Nevertheless, those of you who knew of my buttercream icing craving will be happy to know that I have been satiated at last. And on that note, check out the hilarious tub of Ben and Jerry's that I found. It's funny as it is, but I lost it when I noticed the cow's speech bubble.

I also bought American Gods by Neil Gaiman. We're reading Neverwhere in my Fantasy and Romance class after break, but I heard this book was great and it seriously sounds awesome. It sounds epic. If I love anything in a fantasy novel, it's epicness. It's this nice fat book and it's sitting right next to my laptop and I keep glancing over at it with what I know to be longing in my eyes. But I can't read it yet. He also wrote Coraline, that recent Tim Burton movie that everyone thought was so good. I haven't seen it, but I probably should. And also read the book.

But big news! I am going to head back into Azeroth. Yes folks, by the end of the Penguins game (hockey, for all you ignorant folk) I will be gallivanting around blasting things with my druid in World of Warcraft. RAWK ON.

Also some YouTube fun is due. I was in the middle of something and randomly decided hm, I'm going to watch some of my favorites on YouTube. Little did I know I would get sucked in for two hours, laughing my ass off the entire time. But those were a good two hours. Here's the "Why is the Rum Gone?" Remix. It's kind of like "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard," which is such a classic. Tattoo tomorrow night also, and I'll hopefully have a photo or two on Saturday.

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  1. Aww, I'm glad you've finally got your buttercream icing AND your tattoo. Awesome! I've decided what I want is just too expensive for me to focus on right now.

    I actually wanted to go see Coraline, but couldn't find reason enough to go by myself, at least until my bike is ready. If you'd want to go, that'd be cool. I also just realized I don't really know anything about Neil Gaiman's work except for The Sandman. Oh, well. Sad face.

    Anyhow, with the buttercream and the Bohemian Raspberry (which is actually a relatively old flavor, I'm surprised you've never seen it before...) and the tattoo and the WoW, I hope things are looking up? Maybe?