Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yeah, you can't resist this kitten

I has a flavor? Alright, this is the infamous "I has a flavor" kitten from the ever-popular lolcats phenomenon. I love this kitten. Earlier I even contemplated writing my short story that's due tomorrow about a girl with tattooed legs (because I had just seen that outside at Pitt) who could conjure kittens of peril who were rather perilous but still did all those classic little kitten maneuvers, like bumping into cabinets and falling into their milk. But I can't remotely even imagine what the plot would be. I can just imagine one of them looking like the "I has a flavor" kitten.

I think I'm going to start recording videos or something. I use my webcam once every six fortnights to take one picture. I also have a minidv camcorder AND a flip video recorder. Come on now. Let's put that shit to work.

Also, in regards to yesterday's depressing post, I went to counseling this morning and I'm basically to go to this place in sewickley and become medicated. Oh goody. I've had a painful eyebrow since I woke up and it's obviously out to ruin my day, although that's impossible because it was already ruined when I woke up an hour late and thus registered late for fall classes. Oh crap, I just remembered something I have to do. Well that's all then. I hope I can write some sort of story by tomorrow night. Ergh.

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