Saturday, April 4, 2009

Caturday and some Writing Thoughts

CaturdayCaturday is here again. Sometimes, as much as I hate these last couple weeks of school, the weekend seems to come kind of quickly anymore. Thank everyone involved in that, because Saturday is always the sorta kinda best day of the week. When I don't have homework, it's the best day of my life. But this homework thing ends in a few weeks, and at that point I can assume the position of perpetually sitting around on my butt eating popsicles and refreshing my Twitter page.

Find me at PetFinder This young girl is nameless for the moment, but you can change that if you adopt her! She is once again located at my local Beaver County Humane Society in Monaca, PA. She was abandoned, but thankfully someone brought her in. Her left eye is a little cloudy, and they believe it may have been injured earlier on. It doesn't say whether or not she is blind in that eye, but you can definitely inquire about that. The number there is 724-775-5801. She looks so sweet and too young to be alone. Give them a call and ask about her!

I'm having an extremely hard time keeping my mind off of saying things like "Gah, I hate school" and "Just a few more weeks" and "This is so pointless" so you'll have to bare with me in this until the end of April. I'm having a seriously hard time accepting that I need to analyze a film version of Dracula and present my findings in project form, or write a collaborative 15 page paper on piracy in Somalia and do a 20 minute presentation, among many other order to get a piece of paper that says I have some sort of knowledge of fiction writing. So just about every post will probably contain some form of complaint about that for the next few weeks. Like I said, just be patient with me here.

I'm getting a completely random desire to write some sort of low fantasy story. I'm so caught up in epic, LOTR-like fantasy with completely created worlds and ideas that I haven't really thought of doing something with more realism. I used to write a ton of realism into my fantasy, but that was because I didn't know any better. I think I like that though, so while I'm on this ever-lengthy hiatus from my epic high fantasy series, perhaps I'll cook up some sort of modern fantasy. I have no ideas at all right now because that's such a common thing to do these days. It's so much easier to be able to use everything you already know, whereas having to really think everything out gets so complicated and tiring. Maybe in my rough spot I'll think up something a tad simpler, just to satisfy my fantasy craving since all I've been writing for the past couple years are stupid short stories about scorned women and demonic cats. So, you know, I'd be doing some sort of "there's another world other than ours that the people in ours are oblivious to" kind of thing. All Harry Potter-esque, except nothing like that at all and far more mature. More on the Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere kind of side. We'll see if something pops into my head anytime soon.

Oh, and randomly, go read this: "Does Anybody Date Anymore?" You can get the gist of the article by the title I'm sure, but it's not as boring as it may sound and it's absolutely hilarious. "I will facebook stalk you and look at all of your photos and imagine me in them. I will never, ever tell you this. And then on the next date I will kiss you so fucking hard your face will FUCKING SHATTER. CAN YOU DEAL WITH THAT SHIT?"  Total genius.

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