Thursday, April 9, 2009

The flying LCD TV

Unfortunately I can't stay long, as it's just about time for me to shower and I have a serious paper to write on why the problem of "elf rights" was included in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire*. I just wanted to make an interesting observation.

Not long ago, what I can only describe as a "motor" noise began outside. It's 10:45 PM and I hear a lawnmower, and for about ten minutes while I wrote the introduction to my paper, I totally believed that's what it was. Then it suddenly hit me that it could be a plane or something. What if a plane was going to crash? But why was I still hearing it after ten minutes? It should've been gone in ten seconds. I got up and pulled my aluminum blinds down with my finger and gazed out into the neighborhood.

Instantly I saw it: a big, widescreen, brightly colored LCD tv hovering slowly across the night sky above my neighbor's house. The colors were amazing. The first thing I caught on the screen was "Going across the country..." and instantly I thought oh my god, this LCD tv is here to convey to me a special message, and to convey to other people across the country a special message also when they're sitting all alone eating a crispy chocolate bar and mourning for their recently expired World of Warcraft game card. Then it said something like "...or going across town..." and some sort of cheesy slogan about tires followed. Tires. This LCD tv came all this way to advertise tires to me? What a bitch. I hope when it gets home its parents beat it for being so incredibly pointless.

By the way, there won't be a Caturday post on Saturday, and posts in general may be rare during this coming week and finals week that follows that. I'm packed beneath a landslide of work. But soon it'll all be over at last. Wish me luck. I'll still be twittering away though if you want instant updates.

* I know you all wish you had to write a paper on Harry Potter for class. I must say it is rather nice. Cheers to Pitt for having this Fantasy and Romance class. Directly up my alley.

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