Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just one more week

This last week of classes came to an epic end this morning while I stuttered out why illegal fishing contributed to the Somali piracy during a 20 minute presentation in my Cultures of Africa class. Despite the fact that I'd been dreading speaking in front of that class since day one in January when we got the syllabus, I felt nothing when it was over. I sat in my chair at the back of the room, watching the other groups present, stressing about whether I'd make it back to the parking garage by 10:51 so I could pay $5 instead of $8. That's kind of how my life works at the moment though. Once one stressor is gone, I don't feel much better. Something else just takes its place.

Nevertheless, I did, infact, get back to the garage in time to pay only $5 and it was only when I was in the car, pulled my hair band out, and rolled the window down a little, did I take a deep breath and decide I deserve a cheeseburger. It's 60 degrees and sunny outside, I just embarrassed the hell out of myself in front of 35 people, and I have two more papers to write and one final next week and I'm done. I deserve a damn cheeseburger. Unfortunately, cheeseburger didn't happen yet. On the way home I decided I was too poor. But you know what? Screw poor. It's not like that's gonna end anytime soon. And I don't have to spend $5 two times a week on parking garages anymore either, so HAH.

Anyway, I'll be slaving intensely over my philosophy final on Monday all weekend, so don't expect anything new until the middle or end of next week, at which point I'll be done for good and have four months of glorious summer ahead of me. In the meantime, go here: Garfield Minus Garfield. It's Garfield...minus Garfield. Jon Arbuckle is the most depressed person on earth, and it bothers me how much I identify with half of the images in odd ways. I look at every weekend like this during the school year:

However, therapy starts next Wednesday. Let's work to change that state of mind, eh?

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