Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tons of April Fools fun, and Unicorn Chaser

Despite feeling positively awful all day today and still somehow getting the rest of my Cultures of Africa paper finished, I spent a good deal of time looking into some of the epic April Fools jokes that seemed to rule the interwebs today. My favorite thought of all of this is that people basically got paid to come up with and develop this stuff. Since I don't feel like linking or posting pictures at the moment, you'll just have to go to my Tumblr and scroll down to see all the stuff I dug up throughout the day. When I say throughout the day...yeah I've been posting things on there all day, so incase you didn't catch on by now, when I'm not posting here because it's not enough to make a whole blog about, it's being posted on Tumblr. So, Expedia offered flights to Mars for $99, is selling crap (literally) for $1 million, Google has mastered AI, and Gmail now has an "autopilot" that will read your email and automatically send a response that it deems appropriate according to your usual patterns of typing. I lied about not posting a screenshot...the gmail autopilot thing is just WAY too hilarious to pass up...

Gmail automatically responds for you!Ahaha...aha...I love it. And the odds ratio of "j" to "k" is just classic. But that's all the screenshot action you get as far as April Fools goes, unless maybe I decide to do more at another time. I seriously recommend going to and checking out the Mars travels area at the bottom right of the page. It'll probably be down by tomorrow though, so you're all gonna miss out unfortunately.

ThinkGeek had "Squeez Bacon" though also...and since I already posted it on my Tumblr I'll not go into it much, but seriously, go there and look at the picture of the Squeez Bacon garnishing the cantaloupe. I mean, can it get anymore genius than that?

On an ending note with all of this April Fools stuff though, I'd like to leave you with the promotion video for Unicorn Chaser, also by ThinkGeek, and...I don't think I need to explain it. I just find it hilarious that the guy is watching "2 girls 1 cup." Also, check out that epic glitter-tossing action in the end.

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