Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pink Wonder-gadgets and that Time I Drank Mesopotamians

Some exciting developments since last time. Firstly, after one of my therapy appointments last week, in which I was instructed to take more risks (though not in those words, it sounded better when Margaret said it) I bought a Blackberry. I don't think that's what good old Margaret was thinking, but I felt so utterly carefree that day that I was literally standing at the desk at Verizon saying, without hesitation, "Yeah, I'll take the Blackberry Curve." The next question was would I like a customary black one or the light pink one. I hesitated for just two seconds before saying "Fuck it, I'll take the pink one. I'm not a pink person at all, but fuck it." She gave me a strange look, and an even stranger one as I later attempted to spell out the nonsensical words that make up my Gmail password. Anyway, I am thus the owner of a shiny pink wonder-gadget and a sizeably larger bill each month. I have yet to care, because this thing is so fucking amazing. And the creepy shadow cast upon the yellow Hummer in the last post shall be the last you ever see of my extremely basic flip phone. Now I just have to beware of butt-dailing ex-boyfriends, the White House (yes, I have the number), or people I haven't spoken to in six years.

In other news, last night my very own Pittsburgh Penguins destroyed the Canes for the fourth game in a row, thus clenching their second consecutive spot in the Stanley Cup finals. I'm crazy pumped about this, especially because I won't be in Los Angeles this time listening to the game online while I eat tofu. This time I'll be here, twittering gleefully when something exciting happens, or hopefully out drinking some Molson Canadians (or "Mesopotamians," as Will swore I said one time). So I'll be drinking Mesopotamians, eating fried pickles, honey mustard wings, pancakes...whatever, really.

Got back on today because I'm beyond obsessed with this Kings of Leon song called "Use Somebody." That song is the first I've listened to so many consecutive times that actually told me I've reached the limit of free listens, slapped me on the wrist, and told me "no." Mm, Social D just came on though. I don't know if it'll just give you the preview, since that's what it's giving me now, but just listen to this song. It's unbelievable.

That's about it for now. Tweet Deck stopped working on me a couple days ago and so I've been using the web, which is just awful when I'm not used to having to refresh, and so I miss my opportunity to reply to tweets that happened like an hour ago. Looking into a Blackberry app though, which will probably thus reserve me a spot in the loser hall of fame as I twitter everywhere I go. Actually nevermind, I became a member of the loser hall of fame like eight years ago when I spent an entire three-months of summer indoors playing Final Fantasy X. Probably one of my most memorable summers though, as that is still one of my favorite games of all time. I still have yet to go battle Sin at the end, because I don't have all the ultimate weapons yet, but that's another story entirely. A story that would probably anger me beyond all thought, so we'll just let it go.


  1. Mesopotamians!!! Not only ancient residents of the Fertile Crescent, but also, a lovely Canadian brew.

    I loved the first 30 seconds of that song, really promising. Like that song "Will You Smile Again For Me?" by ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. The beginning is so great, then it comes to a complete halt and he starts singing. It ends up being a decent enough song, but never quite lives up to the intro's promise. Meh. I'm trying to remember what this song reminds me of, but all I keep coming up with are The Big Sleep's "Murder", Maserati's "Towers Were Wires", or Saxon Shore's "The Revolution Will Be Streaming" and those aren't right (Try them anyway, excellent stuff). Maybe it's an Appleseed Cast song lol. When I remember, I'll get back to you lol.

    I can't believe you needed to pay a lady to tell you something I've been telling you for months. I could've really used the cash. ay dios mio.

    ...Maybe it's "Hello Dearest Love" by The Appleseed Cast or "Angel on Hiatus" by Benton Falls. Ergh, I wish I had my itunes with me, because I certainly can't remember it blindly.

    Well, I'm certainly happy to read a new post, even happier I was mentioned. I feel famous!

  2. Thanks for posting, I truly liked reading your most recent post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have natural ability for blogging!

  3. ...btw the song I was thinking of was "Biko" by Bloc Party. Go figure. Or somewhere between that and "Sunday".