Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Florida, Job-Hunting, and Fuzzy Puppies


I realize it's been about a month. A lot has gone on this month though. On the eleventh I went to Fort Lauderdale for a few days with my best friend. We basically did nothing the whole time but eat, hang out on the beach, and drink wine. I also scraped my knee during an epic battle with the lazy river. This post will probably have a few more pictures than normal. No, I'm not going to post pictures of the amazingly clear ocean, the rocking chairs on the veranda like 20 feet from the beach, or the epic ocean view from the eighth floor room. I'm going to post a picture of the Lambroghini that we happened to see down at the entrance while waiting for the elevator.

More pictures! Recently I left my job in the airport for different things. Anyone who knows me at all knows I love the airport. I love that chemical smell when you walk inside (it smells like "travel" to me), the clack of hundreds of suitcases on the tiled floor, and the whacky people you see everyday. I'll also miss things like the picture below. That was taken out of the back windows of Friday's. There have been some really AirportRainyamazing sunsets out that back window. However, I chose to show you this one because it kind of embodies Pittsburgh. I have a few others but I'll probably keep them in my private stash. Along with the photo I took once of a bat-shaped Peppermint Patty and that other photo of the playdough Paris we created in our high school World Literature class.

Unfortunately I am on the hunt for a job for the first time in a couple years, but it's only because I just really have this desire to work at a bookstore. I mean, that job would actually mean something to me. I remember when I used to walk into Barnes and Noble looking for a specific book, wishing with all I had that they had it. I'd ask someone about it, they'd type some things into the computer, nod their head, and my day would be made. I want to do that for people. And smell that great ink-on-paper smell all day. I'm such a nerd.

On an ending note, Stephen and I were at his nephew's birthday party and his brother and sister-in-law just so happened to have recently bought a bull mastiff puppy. This picture gets to be on its own line because you need to see the full brunt of its irresistibility without any neighboring distractions.


The puppy is eleven weeks old. JUST LOOK AT HOW FLUFFY AND ADORABLE IT IS. It's the size of a full-grown dog...except this one will grow to be like four feet tall and could probably bowl over a linebacker someday. Or maybe even now. I could have looked at it sitting in Stephen's lap and thought it was just a big soft stuffed animal. Too bad it probably won't stay that adorable for much longer.

Sadly, summer is coming to a close. I'm starting to sort out my stuff, but I don't really want to yet. I'll probably just eat corn dogs, watch Harry Potter, and spend quality time with the man til the very last minute. How does that sound? Far better than outlining a budget for the fall semester.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hugging My iMac and That Time I Had No Money to Buy a Snuggie

This past week has been beyond tragic. The other night I was actually a little overwhelmed when the late news came on and I found out that Billy Mays had died. He was 50. He was hit on the head during a rough plane landing, felt sick later that night, and died in the morning. Can you BELIEVE that? It's terrible. I spent an hour or two in absolute silence after that. I thought Michael was it, but for some reason Billy Mays just got to me. After I spent my time in silence, I watched half of Wall-E then cried for half an hour before going to bed. Now I just found out that Steve McNair was killed. Fortunately though I'm not here to chronicle their lives and make it a huge thing. RIP Farrah, Michael, Billy, Steve.

Me and Mac

On to better news! Well, better in a personal sort of "happy feeling" way, but not so much in the financial way. I bought my Mac*. I bought it, hugged it, turned it on, and fell in love. When father and I walked into the store I was pretty certain I wasn't going to have it that day, but fate decided to taunt the living daylights out of me and waggle a gigantic box containing my dream computer right in front of my googly eyes. And so my googly eyes failed me and I found myself nodding and pulling out four different payment methods as everything grew hazy and I realized what was about to happen. I was about to buy it. I was also about to be severely in debt, but eff debt! I only have a couple grand on my credit card now and $2 left in my checking account until July 14th...totally not a big deal. I also have a free iPod Touch and an incredible addiction to the game StoneLoops, which everyone should probably buy.

Also, I happened to be gazing up at the bar TVs at work the other day and noted a new Snuggie commercial. This commercial mentioned festive new Snuggie colors, including zebra and leopard. I've always been pretty positive that the Snuggie was invented specifically for me by someone who hasn't told me about it yet, so I knew this must be a sign. Leopard Snuggie!? Now of course when they get a color that I want, I have $2 until ten days from now, at which point I'll still have $2 after I pay all my bills. I can't buy a Snuggie. I can't even buy a movie for my iPod to watch on the plane to Florida next week...or a Big Mac. Or a bag of delicious Baked Ruffles. At least I got StoneLoops for $.99 though. I spent the whole morning at work making a list of things that I suddenly find myself wanting to buy but inevitably can't for a very long time. But then when I lean back and gaze at the slick 24" screen I'm typing on, I don't know if I really care. I could probably heat my room in the winter with this thing and get a tan from the screen while doing it, but as far as I know, I now have a better computer than many people could hope to have. I are happy.

* Note short hair. Liked it for a little while but now everyone's chopping their hair off and I miss my long ponytail. Thoughts? Also note, and try to forget, frightening expression on face.