Friday, August 28, 2009

The Return of Caturday, and a Revelation

CaturdayI don't know what could have possibly lead me to stop doing Caturday, but whatever it was is certainly not as important as saving kittens. And I think I may be starting something else up this fall, but I have to think about it a little more and figure out what to do. But anyway, here is this week's snuggle-muffin, Alice.Alice at PetFinder Firstly, she sports one of my favorite names of all time. Secondly, just look at that face. This is the sort of picture I can totally see on I Can Has Cheezburger with big white writing on it that reads "O, I see u fownd mah seekrit files to tayk ovar teh cheezburger faktoree." Ahem. Those big, bright eyes of hers are too adorable. Unfortunately it seems that she is a bit of a troublemaker at the office she lives in. If I was a cat I wouldn't want to live at an office either. I mean, nobody wants to cuddle you because they have "work" to do and all the potential fun you could have is squashed by the shiny black heel of the "man." She sounds extremely affectionate though and frequently wants to sleep in somebody's lap, so it's quite a shame that she doesn't have any welcoming laps at her disposal. I'm willing to bet she doesn't have any sunny patios to sleep on either, or any windowsills where she can gaze out at nature for hours on end. Alice can be found by visiting the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania in East Liberty (Pittsburgh, PA)  or by emailing the foster coordinator, Cleda Klingensmith, at

In related news, I think I'm going to volunteer at an animal shelter. I would really, really, really enjoy that. In fact, doing so may actually help me get through school much more easily. Doing something I feel good about for once. I'm one of those...I don't know, one of those people who feels inexplicably drawn to things. I'm a huge advocate for the "everything happens for a reason" principle. I had a breakdown, I left my job, I don't really know where to go or what to do right now, but doing this just sounds so right. I haven't done anything that makes me feel good about myself in a very long time. I started writing something recently that I feel surprisingly good about though, and I'm really wired to ride this wave of "feeling good" for as long as possible. I'm sick of wasting my time, you know? I have the opportunity right now to do this, and I want to take it. I won't be able to not work forever. I want to do something I feel good about. Now I just have to lay out my budget and figure out just how bad this would screw me financially. The sad part is that I wish I cared more about that part right now.

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