Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caturday and Name Obsessions

CaturdayCaturday is upon us again. Appropriately, I spent a couple hours at Animal Friends today at the volunteer orientation and fell in love with a cat there named Molly Jean. She's a "cabbie" (calico tabby mix) and six years old but you'd never know it. She has these big bright eyes and she really commanded everyone's attention. I was in the back of a groupCaturdayMollyJean of four people who were playing with a laser pointer and I'm pretty sure Molly Jean was acting like an eight month old kitten. It was ridiculously cute. Then afterwards I went over to the shelter's little bake sale for the older animals. Molly Jean was one of them and I only had $4 in cash on me so I just donated all of it to her. Then they gave me a gigantic cupcake with her picture on a popsicle stick. I know I say this every week, but I really wish I could take her home. My Baby is six years old and is nowhere close to being elderly. I think that's why I liked Molly Jean so much. They seemed to be putting her into this "old, tired cats" category but she was like eff that, look at me, I'm a damn kitten! I like that spirit. Anyway, you can see Molly Jean at Animal Friends on Camp Horne Rd in Pittsburgh, or call and ask about her at (412) 847-7000. Her ID number is A007163.

In other news, I'm thinking of making a new page. On my previous domain I had a page about books I was currently reading, but I might make a page about names. I have what I can only imagine is name obsession. Every character in everything I've ever written has to have some sort of relevant name. Some names I use over and over in certain types of stories, and those are my babies. Those names have achieved some sort of legendary status to me. Sort of like Gandalf and Dumbledore are legendary on a global level in the literary world.* I have names I mean to use written just about everywhere. Most of them will never be used, I just like how they sound or what they mean. Why not share?

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