Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caturday, Kanye-ing the Site, and the Crying BMW


Winstin at Animal Friends
For some reason I have a ton to talk about today. And tons of pictures, so you'll have to bare with me.

Earlier I decided I wanted instead to volunteer at Animal Friends, which I will be starting next week. It's just a little more sensible given my current living arrangements. Therefore, today's kitty comes from Animal Friends, and he's so handsome! Winstin's about three years old and has been at the shelter since May 2009. It bothers me a little how Winstin came to be there. He shared his home with two other cats but when he got a little sick, his owner didn't think she could afford to have him treated. So she just abandoned him. But he's fine now, and probably really hoping for an owner who will love him no matter what. They say he's really affectionate too, which you don't always find. You can head over to Animal Friends to meet him if you're in the Pittsburgh area, or you can always call first to inquire about him. The number is (412) 847-7000 and his ID number is A007368.

I also ran across this link today, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was, but it totally Kanye-d any site you wanted it to. Since I know at least one person will be like “Kanye what?” if I don’t give a brief TWG has been Kanye-d!explanation and I’ll be severely annoyed…it’s a reference to Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift’s shining moment at the VMAs, saying something like yeah, you can talk again in a second, but Beyonce had the bestvideo. And so I Kanye-d my site. Shortly after I Kanye-d my site I realized that Stephen had talked me into thinking that buying WoW play time is an OK idea. Before he went to work he was like “Do it. Charge it. I’ll give you the money.” And while I’m not going to let him give me the money, I still charged a month of game time and spent several hours romping gleefully about Azeroth. Remember the Sunwell!

Now, lastly, check THIS out. This crazy-ass BMW. It’s called the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept. Yes, apparently Efficientdynamics is a real word that they created. They fused the words and now they are the masters. It’s also probably the least sexy name for a car I’ve ever heard in my life. Vision? Vision reminds me of a car from 80’s for some reason, the kind that is shaped like some boxes mashed together and it announces its arrival by that wonderful spluttering sound. Anyway…tell me this car doesn’t deserve aBMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept much sexier name? You know, except for the fact that it seems to be crying fat black tears of death. It’s pretty mean-looking though, otherwise. I’m not sure about the special glowy blue LED grill though. I can imagine driving and having a rock bust those things apart like a game at the theme park. I also think it kind of looks like one of those roundish robot vacuum cleaners that skid along the floor and serve as expensive cat toys, if it were shrunken down to that size. Ah well. Expensive cat toy or not, I’d still drive the hell out of it.

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