Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Desires of an Incurably Geeky Woman

10,000 needles of instant deathI want Final Fantasy stuff. I've wanted this stuff for ages now. Someday I want an office, an office filled with geeky figurines from videogames, anime, and art prints. I'm sorry, Stephen, but that's just how it's going to happen. I don't think he'll mind, really. He (thankfully) embraces my oddities. Anywho, my current obsession? Yoshitaka Amano prints. I just adore the history behind them. What sprung out of them. There's also the plush Cactuar (I remember squealing with glee when this appeared in FFX), Tifa figure (for she is my ultimate badass counterpart), and Odin figure. SQUEE.

Well I started this post about an hour ago, and I got interrupted in the middle by a curious eBay auction for six discs of Final Fantasy X soundtrack heaven. Not only the four disc OST, but also the piano and vocal collections. I did have a tab open for some piece of clothing I was going to charge, but no, not after I've found this. I've been meaning to buy this for years and years. I'm actually very proud of my self control when it comes to buying things, or not buying things, as I could probably write a list right now of things that I desperately want but simply should not buy right now.*

Anyway, I'm blogging in the middle of the day on a Tuesday because my professor has the flu. Is it the swine flu? Who knows, but I hope she's ok and I'm ridiculously glad to be home. And Thursday's classes were cancelled too because of more swine flu things and the G-20 summit. President Obama will be at Phipps Conservatory that night. So cool. Basically, I have one class tomorrow at 3 pm this week and...that's it. Yeah, this is about the only time in my life that you will ever hear me say "college rocks."


  1. Pan Am bags

  2. Graphics tablet

  3. All those aforementioned Final Fantasy goods

  4. WoW play time (Oh whoops, I seem to have just bought this. Damn.)

  5. Sushi

  6. A Honda CR-V

  7. Pittsburgh Penguins season tickets

  8. A kitten

  9. A vial of felix felicis

  10. Sanity

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