Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Disappearing (in Firefox and IE) Header Image

Alright, so something has come to my attention with my new layout. I actually discovered it the night after I spent like two days on it but have been trying so hard to figure out what's wrong so I wouldn't have to address it. But alas, here I am, fully addressing it. Whenever I am on my Mac, using the Safari browser, I can see the header. It's a dark wood pattern with "The Wandering Geek" in green on the right. When I'm on my laptop, or at school, or anywhere else on Firefox or IE, the header image is absent. And not only that, but when I right click on the space that is supposed to contain the header and hit "View Background Image," it takes me to this interesting error message. And it says head3.png etc can't be displayed because it contains errors. What in the flipping hell? Can anyone shed some light on this, or view my source and see what the eff is wrong with my code? I would bake you cookies and give them to you for free, provided you live within driving distance.

Anyway, I'm sitting in the Cathedral computer lab and it's not even 4 pm and I've been wasting my life away for four hours already during my break. Oh yeah, and I still have another two hours to waste before my night class. What crossed my mind last spring when I decided this was an ok idea is really beyond me.

In happier news, Stephen was convinced at last by some Gamestop folks that getting a PS3 is a much better idea than getting an Xbox*. That means Final Fantasy XIII and such. He also bought me Scribblenauts for the DS yesterday**, because I am an insufferable geek who enjoys playing pointless, cute little games that don't stress me out. I feel a little tempted to vent about my issues with school earlier today, but it would probably be way too lengthy and boring. So if you have any vague idea about why my header won't appear except in Safari (as far as I know), please contact me!

* - after I had been saying this for months

** - because I am a loser, I played that game the whole night and did not study at all for my abnormal psych quiz today


  1. i see the header. did you fix it?

  2. Apparently I did! Lol I hadn't had the chance to check and see if it worked or not. I'm glad it did.