Sunday, September 13, 2009

Final Touches and that Pan Am Bag I Want

Check it out! I spent the whole morning tweaking the layout. I made the social networking icons up top first, and that's what took longest. I also made myself a personalized header with the same font as the new Caturday header, for consistency's sake. I moved the page links to the leftmost sidebar and simplified the look of the blogroll links. If anything is possibly the final version of the layout, this is it. However, I still need to figure out how to get rid of that pesky comma before the first tag in the "Filed in:" part of the post. I mean, when it was categories, there wasn't a comma before the first one, so I have no idea what the difference is that makes that comma appear. Ideas, anyone?

Now, the most unfortunate part of being a jobless college student is not the inability to buy lunch, to pay your climbing credit card bills, or to pay your Blackberry bill. Those are all things that I should probably do. No, the most unfortunate part of being a jobless college student is the inability to buy things I don't need but really want. In the past I used to put a hundred bucks or so on my Vicky's or Amex cards just for a new pair of boots or a coat. But now the little money that I get, most of which was from my birthday a week ago, goes towards those credit cards and other such things. So I could put $100 on one of them for something I really want but don't need, but that would be like I never got that precious money in the first place. Fortunately, I guess, I'm not the kind of person who can throw thousands of dollars on my credit cards, especially when I don't have a job and kind of need And pay my car insurance. Then again maybe it has nothing to do with the kind of person I am. Maybe I'm just not a freaking idiot.

Pan Am Defiance BagAnyway, I realized last night that I need to go thrifting. I absolutely love it, and luckily for me, it can be extremely cheap. Sadly I'm hunting for something special now: vintage airline bags. I'm watching about four vintage Pan Am bags on eBay right now, though I'm doing it with the knowledge that with shipping, they're all going to end up being over $30 and I don't have that at all. It's just kind of fun pretending like I can buy things. Sort of like yesterday I was building a Honda CR-V (because I suddenly really want one) on their website and talking to Stephen about it as though I'm really in a position to buy one:
Me: It's 25 grand. But I would only get 6 grand or less for my car now, which sucks. I have those freaking dents in my trunk from backing into the garage door. My payments would be huge.

Stephen: Baby...I think you should probably wait until you get a job.

Me: Oh, absolutely. I can't do this now at all. I'm well aware.


Me: ...So there's three things I need in my CR-V. It must be black, not have ugly stock rims, and have an iPod jack thingy inside.

Stephen: +shakes head+

Nevertheless, I want that Pan Am bag so badly. But what's that? They're $71? What the hell, man? Gah. I just love that Pan Am is an old cultural icon, not to mention it's obviously associated with travel. I would use the hell out of that thing. Ooh, and the travel bag, Orion. I've needed a weekender sort of bag for some time now. They just seem to call to me as a travel obsessive. I feel like it's just something I should have. You can see the whole product line here. Now excuse me while I go salivate over luggage and SUVs.

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