Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Look at Last and Caturday

CaturdayHere we are, folks. A new layout, a new Caturday header, and some other new junk you'll just have to discover for yourself. I love the cat in the new header. I found it on Google images and it was one of the few that wasn't a stock photo. Those cost money. I also found this insanely cute kitten picture that I obviously didn't use...but you'll see it soon. I call it "Wait, come back!" It's cute as hell. Anyway, I'm still not sure if this is going to be the final version as you see it. I'm thinking of tweaking some other things like perhaps the header. I already changed the background so that's over with. I guess we'll see as the days pass and I get to look at it more.

BlairBut enough about web design, on to Caturday! This adorable snuggle-ball is Blair, an affectionate kitty of about four years. She was found stray in Highland Park, Pittsburgh, but it definitely seems as though she had a home at one point because of that well-fed tummy. She's been at the shelter since March of this year, which is definitely way too long if you ask me. Blair can also be found at the ARL, but she is actually hanging out at their Rosedale Campus in Verona, PA. She's at their Wildlife Center because the main ARL building has so many kitties they couldn't keep up! Call 412-793-1135 to find out when you can visit her and take her home with you!

So...I'm about to plug in my external HD and watch an episode or two from the "Sailor Stars" season of Sailor Moon, which never aired in the US. But I have that shit, because I'm just that sort of loser. Venus Crystal Powerrrr...Maaake...UP! +geeks out completely+

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