Monday, September 7, 2009

The Soothing Influence of Animal Crossing

Holy extinct, Batman!So as I said on Saturday, my first week of classes is over. Today is Labor Day so I get to go back tomorrow, have three days of classes, and have another three day weekend. Yes, I know, I'm lucky as hell. I could've been spending these last four days reading my psychology textbook (which I discovered is loose-leaf and thus, unable to be sold back) or starting my first short story for my fiction class...but no, I spent countless hours playing Animal Crossing: City Folk. I really can't get over how addictive it is. All I do is make a big circle around my town, fishing in the ponds, rivers, and the ocean, then selling my findings at Tom Nook's or donating to the museum. But there's always that chance that something better will be found on the next round. And I have a mortgage to pay off. I haven't caught the elusive coelacanth yet, but then again I have yet to play during the rain, and that's the only way it'll appear. I have, however, caught a shark, and while I ran upstairs, Stephen even took up the fishing rod and caught a hammerhead. I don't really care that I've played this simplistic, childish game for days. It's just so CALMING. You forget about pretty much everything. You're just like, maybe another shark will be down there, maybe I can just pay my mortgage off in one day, maybe I can go to the city and buy a witch hat and shirt and top it all off with some gold star shades. Yeah, that was my weekend.

And then there was that scorpion. The first time I encountered the scorpion, it was chilling on the beach and I was headed towards another likely sea bass in the ocean. I slowly crept up to it with my bug net poised to strike. I was just about to capture it when it spun around, made a little squee noise, and attacked me. Next thing I knew I was exiting my house and feeling extremely traumatized. I didn't see another one until earlier today, chilling between some orange trees. I crept up on it again, but it saw me first, and went absolutely berserk. Stephen was minding his own business on the couch behind me when I unleashed a scream that made my deaf cat jolt out of her slumber upstairs. I also shrieked the exact same way when, as I was playing, a spider decided to slowly lower itself from the ceiling directly in front of my face. Then I did that classic cross-eyed thing when I had to shift focus from the tv to the creepy thing two inches from my nose.

Anyway, don't judge me. I enjoy that addictive quality of games, and usually those games are pretty simple. I would like to be able to take screencaps from my TV of what I'm playing though when I talk about it...I just haven't figured out how to do that yet. It irks me that I lack that knowledge. I feel a little less geeky. Anyone know how to do that? I would be so glad to find out.

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