Monday, October 12, 2009

Festivities of the Weekend

Fuzzy hat + devil horns. Could I be anymore strange?Against my better judgment, I am going to post this awful picture of me. Stephen and I were in Goodwill in Indiana PA and he was like, please take a picture in this hat, and I was like OK! and then he was like put it on your blog and I was like yeah...! Now I look at it and I'm like good god, I look ridiculous. Oh well. See that, Stephen? I did it. And you also now have a picture of me in the WVU hoodie. I bet this is your favorite picture of me.

When we were up at IUP, Stephen also bought us matching Wolverine tshirts from Old Navy, because we ARE that cool, an incredibly sexy Blackberry case, and two handmade rings. I'm somewhat of a ring collector. When I'm on some sort of memorable journey and there happen to be handmade rings for sale nearby, I have to get one. I have about six so far from various moments in my life. The first one has a special place in my heart as the "Nine Dollar Garrison Day Ring" which I bought at the local craft show during my break from waitressing at Levanti's. Good times.

Also involved in our trip was a jacuzzi tub in our hotel room, watching the Pens game, and me trying my damnedest to get Stephen drunk. I almost succeeded. I on the other hand drank an entire bottle of pinot grigio, and busied myself with muttering about my crazy face, the photo of which is posted on my Facebook. And you'll just have to become my friend to see it.

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  1. i saw that picture ahahaha. im privileged. so when are we hanging out missy!