Thursday, October 8, 2009

Large Fries, Here I Come

For some reason or another, I haven't posted in over a week. I can't even imagine a reason why this is, because nothing has been very different. Actually I did have a story due for my fiction class on Monday, so yeah that explains why I forgot about Caturday. Or maybe I just have awful memory and couldn't even tell you what happened in my 9:30 class this morning?

Anyway, Stephen bought me a Snuggie. A leopard print Snuggie. Yes, he supports my weirdness. I've been meaning to take an amusing photo of me in it but that just hasn't happened for some reason. I think it's because every time I have a moment to do it, I just crawled out of bed or I'm so exhausted that my eyeballs feel like they're going to fall out and roll away at any moment. Yesterday I tried to record a weblog on my Flip, but the battery died and I had limited time to figure out how to remedy that. So perhaps tomorrow, or another time during my epic weekend coming up.

But all I know right now is that I can't concentrate on the screen anymore because I really want a Santa Fe chicken salad from Applebee's, or a root beer float, or a Whopper, or an oil and garlic linguine dish with spinach and onions and red peppers. I guess I can't complain about whatever I'll be eating today though. The only reason I can eat is because Stephen gave me some cash. So thank you, Stephen, for feeding my obsession of McDonald's Monopoly month even though it's impossible to win. I'm sure you're thinking that it's just an excuse to eat large fries and such, but no, that is not it at all. Absolutely not.

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