Friday, November 6, 2009


Here's what I should be doing right now: I should be cranking out a couple thousand words on my NaNoWriMo project, because I am excruciatingly behind thanks to a three-day migraine. Here's what I'm actually doing: Eating numerous cups of processed Jell-O strawberry cheesecake and planting pineapples and things in that ridiculous Facebook game, FarmVille. Friday is usually my day for slacking, however. After a long week of hating the University of Pittsburgh and doing assignments that I don't see the point in doing, it feels lovely to do nothing all day. But there are important things to be done, like get to 8,000 some words today and watch my kitty stalk a mouse that is living underneath the dishwasher.

Tomorrow is the triumphant return of Caturday. I should also do some homework tomorrow. I don't really want to though. Maybe I won't.

I think some reading is in order. I did just buy like five cheap sci fi/fantasy books, which I put on the pile of the twenty some other books that I still have to read. My bed looks awfully comfy right now too. Yeah, reading is a good idea. And some CHAI TEA. I'm a little excited right now. I'll return tomorrow.

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