Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Different Sort of Caturday

CaturdayYes yes, I know it's like eighteen minutes past midnight and it's not really Saturday anymore. But the Pens are playing the Sharks and this has been kind of an intense game. Mostly in the way of me becoming incredibly angry as the Sharks continue to score. And then there's that crafty Nabokov. But we'll get to him later.

Firstly, Caturday. A friend of mine on Twitter recently came across some kittens who would have been left to freeze in the Pittsburgh cold. When their mother became pregnant, the owners kicked her out. I want nothing more than to take in one of the kittens or at least donate to help her out, but I'm still on the job hunt and trying to survive on like $5 a week. Not to mention my moody elder kitty and frisky younger kitty. They just wouldn't have it. So go to her site and at least donate to help her cover the expenses of getting the kittens their shots, and if you can take one, TAKE ONE. You would be giving a kitty a warm lap to lay on instead of the cold ground, and I think anyone who can should jump at that opportunity.

Nabokov Blanket

So back to this Nabokov thing. He's a kickass goalie for the San Jose Sharks, and I kind of love him. Firstly, I don't pronounce his name right on purpose. I have no idea why. It's correctly pronounced "Na-BAW-kov" but I pronounce it "NA-bu-kov." Anyway, he's some sort of demigod in this game right now. Unreal goalie. And I want his triple woven jacquard blanket. That's right folks, I could sleep with Nabokov. When I first saw this I had sort of a "WTF" reaction, but then I realized that I must have it. Too bad it's $50 and I'd have to not eat at school or buy gas for ten weeks to get that much money. Anyway, that is all. I'm off to watch the Pens continue to get destroyed by the Sharks. Ah well. You win some you lose some. I still love them <3

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