Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caturday, Bed Head, and Distant Release Dates

CaturdayCaturday arrives again, and yet again I'm doing it just minutes past midnight so that it's actually Sunday haha. I'm such a loser. Today was pretty busy though. Hair appointment, eating cinn'm buns, meddling on ebay, setting up a tattoo appointment, eating fajitas...I'm exhausted. But here's what I've gotten out of today. I'm done having straight hair. Well, when I say straight I mean flat and boring, because it's a little wavy. But no, I'm gonna finish my sleek conditioner, buy some body conditioner, and create some bed head waves. I'm ecstatic for this. Messy hair is so much easier to take care of because you don't really have to try. I used to have the bed head look then I bogged my hair down with Pantene sleek junk. Unfortunately I decided this immediately after my hair appointment, so I still have straight hair but now it's all highlighted and chopped up into punky layers. Also after my appointment I realized I should've gotten lowlights instead...but for my next appointment in a couple months I'm all for some hints of brown, messy curls, and that sultry rock goddess look.

Stripes So on to our featured kitty. Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Stripes and she's an Abyssinian mix. Stripes is basically still just a kitten and really looks like a loveable gal. Anyone would melt from this face. She reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek 2. On her profile it says that they think part of her tail may have been amputated, but that shouldn't hold anyone back. You can find Stripes in Wooster, OH at the Wayne County Humane Society. There's also a lot of other lovely cats and dogs waiting for adoption if you check out their site.

Now, as far as the pictures go, I didn't get a lot done. I took a couple of my haircut but you can't tell I got a haircut because it's just a dark and otherwise boring webcam shot. But I'll fiddle with them tomorrow night maybe after work. And ah yes, my tattoo appointment is next Friday at 8:30 pm after work. I'm so excited. So excited in fact that I'm going to have trouble getting through my classes this week, even though I basically only have 2 days of them. Ah, spring break, I need you so bad right now. This is the first time I've actually done anything for spring break too, even though I don't know if getting a tattoo really counts as "doing something" since you're supposed to go to Cancun or some crap. Next year I wanna go somewhere for my last spring break though. My last one. And definitely not Cancun, because I'm not part of the Cancun-like crowd. I should go to Spain. Mmmm...tempting.

As a closing note, I thought I saw somewhere that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was going to be released in like two weeks, but now everywhere I look says TBA or unknown. What the hell, I was so excited. Oh I know where it was. It was over at gamerdna. I looked at the releases, and for the week of March 8th, that game should be released. But it's pretty apparent that nobody else has such information and thus it was ill-conceived. Just like The Sims 3 not being released until June. Damn it all!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Limited edition DSi and that time I channelled Gollum

You know, I've been on this kick for awhile now that I really want a DSi. Well maybe just a week, but that's just how long I've actually seriously contemplated purchasing one. I've known about it for months but I just never thought I'd have the money to get one and then buy $30 games. I really don't have the money, but like I said last time, the kicker is that web browser. I know it's probably slow as hell and won't go "ding!" when I get an email like a Blackberry does, but what college student can afford the monthly Blackberry and iPhone fees? Oh yeah, the ones who get moneys from the parentals. So I'm content to settle for the slowish free web browser on a device that I can play some pretty awesome games on...all for a one-time fee of $170 plus the few DS games I'd get myself. Unfortunately I'm in the negative as far as money goes, I have to eat salami sandwiches at school every day. Not that those aren't delicious, but if you know me you know I adore food. Other than the poor factor, I also just want a different color or a limited edition one or something. That turquoise isn't bad, but three snazzy new colors were just released in Japan, and I'm hoping by Christmas they'll have more of those cheap bundles like they did with the DS this past Christmas. By then I could have saved. Unfortunately, I discovered something that makes this whole DSi thing so unbearable.

There's a limited edition Final Fantasy DSi being released in Japan. Yeah, Final Fantasy. I mean, it's for the new Crystal Chronicles game "Echoes of Time," but it's by Square Enix and thus I must have it. And it has a kitty in a bowtie on it. That's right, a kitty in a bowtie. I was going to put a picture up but I figured I'd just link to the place I found it. Of course it isn't a DSi featuring any of the characters from the mainstream console games, and probably won't be found in America, but whatever. *channels Gollum* We wants it. We needs it! We must have...the limited edition Final Fantasy DSi precioussss.

Still excited to go see about my tattoo Saturday. Fortunately for me, when I called my salon to make an appointment for any upcoming Saturday, they decided to squeeze me in at 10 AM this Saturday instead of a month from now. Should I post a pic? Possibly. It depends on what I feel like looking like when I wake up to go there. That day I'll also be taking some photos for my little about me thing, which will decidedly not be in the Photos section, but I'm going to have an about me page thingy with pictures and captions only. It may take me awhile to complete though, I'll be taking TONS of pictures and then I have to sort out the most important ones I want to put on here...oh crudmuffins! I just realized I left the cord for my camera at the apartment. Gah, I'll figure something out. I'll at least pick which ones I'm putting up so I can do it the minute I get back Sunday night. Son of an albacore.

Before I sign off, I just want to express my dear love for Madonna's song "Take a Bow." My playlist on my computer is on shuffle and I haven't listened to it in forever. It makes me want to write a story about the events of the song. Except make her metaphors into literal stuff, like how they're actors in a play. And they perform something as love interests and she really loves the guy and he tends to just act interested because he knows she feels that way and likes the attention. It would be so dramatic and painful at the same time. And then she realizes what's going on, and that's that. "The show is over, say goodbye..."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Imminent Tattoo

That title sounds like some sort of horror novel. About a tattoo that tells the future. Or about a tattoo that's about to be inked and something goes horribly awry. Or about a tattoo that really shouldn't be inked because it's cursed and some awful omens the likes of which haven't been seen since Shakespearean days will ensue...

I almost put Sophoclesian (if that's even the right way to say it) because of Oedipus Rex, but I like the omens more in Julius Caesar. Watch out for them ides, Julius.I shall be inked!

Indeed though, I am getting a tattoo. That's what I'm getting over there on the right. I love that font. Definitely one of my favorites. I think it's hilarious that I actually have like a strict list of favorite fonts. It's still going to look all grungy but the lines will be cleaned up a little. To anyone who doesn't know, it's Latin for "The written word remains." It's part of a longer phrase. The first part of it is something like "The spoken word perishes" or something like that. I'm too lazy to look it up. I just know I like the second part and that it applies to me as a writer. Not to mention I love it. It's going on my back on my upper right shoulderblade area. It's not happening until next weekend though. Spring break starts then, and you better believe there's going to be some epic relaxation going on. And probably some more of me gazing at the Nintendo DSi which I want but cannot have. It's like my dream machine. Well, maybe only if it...nevermind.

I've been taking a few pictures here and there for the gallery I'm hoping to get up on Saturday that just kinda shows some aspects of my everyday life. I got to school early today so I parked myself in a corner of the Cathedral of Learning and took some shots of the spiffy Hogwarts-like interior. They looked like they came out pretty well, but of course my joys were dashed when I went to my advising appointment at 10 am and found out that my senior year is basically going to be as painful as the smell of cooked broccoli. And if you know me at all, you know I have an extremely deep-seeded hatred for broccoli. But I digress.

Half an hour til I get to go watch The Two Towers in my Fantasy and Romance class. Yeah, tell me all of that isn't up my alley? I've been twittering LOTR quotes all day haha. And with that, I leave you with one of my favorite LOTR youtube vids. The music is the movie score in techno and it's called "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard." Enjoy :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Caturday and a new theme


There have been a lot of developments over the last few days. The main thing to do now, however, is introduce Saturday is Caturday, an idea I played around with last weekend when I first featured that beautiful Russian Blue, Faith. When I looked at her page today, it said she was adopted! I couldn't believe it. I know it probably isn't because Samuraiof my little blog, but if it is I would definitely appreciate it if you'd let me know!  I feel like if I get this blog out to enough people in my area then maybe when I post a local cat, someone will fall in love with it immediately and decide to inquire about it. It's such a little thing, but it helps. Since I can't adopt any of them myself, as much as I desperately want to, I hope that I can get some of them a home. So without further ado, here is Samurai, a sweet, handsome guy with some Siamese and Snowshoe coloring. I don't know what it is, but I seriously can't resist that face, with that little goatee. He's only eight months old, so he's still a kitten really. It would be such a shame for him to spend more of his life in a foster home. He's with the Pet Adoption League in Yukon, PA and if you'd like to adopt Samurai, just email the shelter at or call 724-722-3670 and ask about him!

Well, if anyone is looking at the date and thinking "Excuse me, I thought it was SATURDAY is Caturday, not Sunday," please don't tear me to shreds, I've been slaving literally all day over my last essays of the week. Only recently have I decided enough is enough, and it's indeed 1:05 AM. And I'm not done with my essay on The Fellowship of the Ring, which of course won't be hard at all for someone like me, it just has to be done. The other thing I had to do for Monday took much longer than expected, and I'm pretty pissed I wasted away my entire sacred Saturday doing homework. There was roast beef afoot though for dinner, and it was pretty damn delicious.

I should actually be headed to bed soon. I think I'll just provide a mashed potatoes version of all the news I was previously going to write paragraphs on. But don't despair, for when Monday night is finally over and all of these cursed papers and presentations are turned in, a celebratory post won't be far off.

So as you can see, there is a new and hopefully extremely permanent theme. I'm trying to move the sidebar down to accomodate a larger header image, but so far all attempts at finding where to do that in the coding have been futile. If I can't do it though, I'll probably still keep the theme anyway with that retarded textual header.

I discovered today that the Nintendo DSi is being released for $170 on April 5th, and I didn't want one so much until I discovered that you can surf the interwebs on it. Yeah, for free. Chat, email, everything. Who in their right mind is paying $100 a month for their Blackberry or iPhone? You sir, are a fool of Polonius-like proportions.

I'm currently really enjoying my Metallica. I don't know why that's important, I just feel really great about it right now. Kind of like earlier when I had the Stone Temple Pilots on, whom I haven't listened to in months. It was a great time. Actually I remember why mentioning Metallica was important. I had a dream last night that I was on a cruise ship with some friends and that for some extremely odd but sick reason, Metallica was playing on it. I definitely had a dream about a Metallica concert, something I long to experience. Naturally I don't remember any of the glorified details, but it was sick. So sick.

I think that'll be all. I'm content to spend a few minutes listening to "Nothing Else Matters" and gathering all of my scattered papers, books, and notebooks into some sort of order before I cave in to my sickeningly comfortable bed. Oh, and more photos should appear next week sometime I think. I think I'll take a fresh set showing my insanely messy work area and some of the things I enjoy when I come home on the weekends. Not as much for showing everyone as for doing it for myself though. But of course I'll share with you folk. Until next time, which I greatly look forward to as all my work (for now) will be done.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aptera, essays, and a nagging theme issue

[caption id="attachment_40" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The Jetsons are letting us borrow their car! How very nice of them."]The Jetsons are letting us borrow their car! How fortunate we are.[/caption]

I can't seem to figure this vehicle out. What it looks like to me is somebody pretending to be from the Jetsons or from the second Back to the Future movie, neither of which seems to be the best idea. I mean, with a price range of $25k-$40k, it doesn't seem so bad. You charge this contraption, named the Aptera 2e, overnight in your regular home wall outlet and you can go 100 miles the next day. That 100 miles will be spent going below the speed limit of course. But seriously. Can you imagine that thing in a crash? Can you imagine how those little side wheelie thingers would just pop right off like a bottlecap and that nice rounded front would be smashed completely flat straight up to your face? Apparently it's incredibly strong material, but that doesn't stop it from being thrown twenty yards while simultaneously doing several triple axels in the air. I mean, look at those aerodynamics! It's almost built to have a man inside in a red, white, and blue sequined outfit that would be shot out of a cannon at high speeds for our entertainment.

Anyway, I don't think the world is ready for a car that looks like that to be all over the road, especially with those punch-you-in-the-face new Cadillac models and the rebirth of the long-hooded muscle car look. I'm all for fuel efficiency (or lack of fuel altogether) but I hope this thing has a charge indicator inside or something, because I guarantee it'll get less than 100 miles in a lot of cases.

Well, the philosophy paper I've been toiling over is basically completed. Now I have a seven page paper and five story critiques due Thursday and two five page papers and a presentation due Monday. And between work and class, I only have an afternoon and one day to do it all. Such a pain. Other than that, incase you haven't noticed, I've added some things to the site at last and even created a personal header image. Unfortunately, I can't get the title and slogan to disappear from the top of the page when you click a post title to comment on it. See, if you do that, some ugly Helvetica appears at the top. I shouldn't be keeping this theme for much longer though, but I'm trying to think of a design for a logo. TWG needs a logo. And then I'll find a new theme and implement the new logo and banner. Hopefully this will happen relatively soon, even though I really love the current banner.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Total lack of motivation

I have three papers and a presentation to orchestrate today and I have no desire to do any of it. Not that I ever have the desire, but today it's exceptionally bad. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with the fact that it's Valentine's Day and I'm (supposed to be) doing schoolwork all day, but I'm feeling a little backed into a corner. There's all of these things I want to do that I can't do. I spent all of last night looking at local cats in shelters on and crying that I can't adopt any of them and give them a home. And I have this great desire to do something else to help them but I can't do anything. I can't donate money because I don't even have money to buy lunch at school or work. I can't donate time because I don't have time myself, and that's one thing I really mourn about my life right now. Time is so rare and precious. I hate that it has to be that way. I wish I could live in one of those countries where you fly at the seat of your pants and make fun of how uptight and rushed all of the Americans are.Faith

Anyway. Here's one of the beautiful kitties I was checking out last night. If you're near North Canton, Ohio you should definitely pick her up! Her name is Faith and she was given up because her family lost their home because of the economy and had to live in an apartment that didn't allow pets. She was expecting kittens but lost them all because of the stress. She's such a pretty Russian Blue shade. I love those big eyes. I'm such a sucker for big kitty eyes. One of my cats back here at my house (not the apartment in the city) has the same big eyes. I call him Baby, but that's not his real name haha. I'll probably post some pictures of him and Star, my orange old lady. It really kills me that I can't just take one of them home with me. The main reason is that nobody is at the apartment for days at a time every week, so the kitty would both not get fed very well and wouldn't get the love I would want to give it. I can tell it's gonna be a long while before I'm able to get my own kitty. I just hope that maybe soon I'm able to contribute something to them so they aren't so miserable in the shelters. Maybe I'll do a featured cat every Saturday? I should probably get some more traffic first...

I might start looking at my philosophy stuff soon, but I don't know. That's what's holding me back the most from starting it...because it's philosophy and I don't know what's going on, then I missed three classes because of my appendicitis and I really don't know what's going on. I was thinking of getting out of the house for like half an hour and running to Beaver's Best Buy or something to see if I can get a hard digital camera case, but that would require me to get dressed and go out into this miserable weather, so it probably won't happen. I hope everyone else is having a good Valentine's Day though, wish me luck trying to get into this stuff.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WoW love

Darnassus Nightsabers!!I'm not gonna lie, when I played WoW, I didn't play it for very long and don't have much of a right to talk about it. Trust me, it wasn't because I didn't want to, because at the time there was pretty much nothing else I wanted to do. And then over the weeks I've come to this awful realization that I simply cannot afford it. I can't buy food at school anymore, not for months. I love salami and mustard sandwiches too, but I feel like they're gonna get old verrry fast. It's bad enough that I plunked down an ungodly amount of money for this whole site shindig, but I have every intention of somehow making a vacation happen. It'll probably be less than what I previously wanted to do, but I haven't really figured anything out yet. Unfortunately my travel obsession is just slightly greater than my great, deep love for MMOs, but at least I still have my free little 2D sidescrollers! Yay...

I actually found this shirt, and all of the others on jinx, a few months ago. I just wanted to revisit it because I simply adore it. Its store page is here. It's all about the Night Elf, people. That's my shit.

As for everything else, I've installed the plugin for my galleries and hopefully within the next few days I'll be getting those up. Unfortunately right when I decided to get back into this whole website thing again, school plunked me down with a few essays and a presentation due next week, so I don't know how much I'll get done over that span of time. I hope a lot though, because trust me I'd so much rather do this than write about the philosophies of Montaigne and Descartes.

But I'm off to work on some short story critiques for Thursday before I go to my post-appendectomy appointment then probably rush to work. It's ok though, I'll be excited to be at work for the first half hour probably since I haven't seen anyone in two weeks, but I'm sure it'll get old fast. Oh well. Ciao!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alright! Let's kick this into gear.

Well here I am again with my little chunk of space on the interwebs. My old domain,, was taken over by some psychos attempting to sell tickets to heaven for $7 million. Or something like that. I didn't look too hard because I was so pissed about it. I was unable to renew it when renewal was due, so that's what I get I guess. Those people were probably lying in wait for the expiration date. Ah well. I like this name much better anyway. Not to mention I don't have to worry about renewing it for another three years, so hopefully I'm in for a great few years of blogging and randomness. And I hope a couple people are amused.

All I really want to say for now is some upcoming stuff. Ideally I'd like to bring back my gallery, which took me quite a long time last time to complete because typing captions for all the photos is pretty meticulous, but I simply must have captions. I mean, what's a photo without a witty caption? As long as the photo allows for a witty caption, that is. I'm also going to work on the page with some info about me and hopefully add all of my quotes into the rotator on the main page. I'll also be diving headfirst into some of my favorite bookmarks to start adding to the links section. I'll probably be messing with some other stuff too, so we'll see.

Otherwise, I'm headed back to classes tomorrow after a week off from school and work because I had an appendectomy last Friday. It'd be hilarious if I had pictures from that adventure, but I don't. I got to watch all of Hello, Dolly while I was in the ER waiting to find out what was wrong with me though. That's about the only reason I wasn't going insane. I'd always wanted to watch it. It's definitely a favorite, even though now every time I see it I'll remember my lack of an appendix. Or rather...I punched a bear. Yeah, the bear wound is on my stomach. No, that isn't from my appendectomy. Don't be ridiculous!

Well anyway, until next time, and hopefully there will be a heap of new stuff to speak of. Either that, or I'm bored at school and I'd much rather post than read my philosophy book. Ciao!