Saturday, March 28, 2009

Caturday and other random thoughts

CaturdayHeading right into Caturday, we have a really special kitty today. I wish I could take her home and give her some love, because she's had a difficult life so far. Her name is Fuzzbucket firstly, which is awesome. Her description said that sheFuzzbucket at Petfinder was found shot and with a broken leg, and that really kills me. She looks so sweet. If any kitty deserves a home, she definitely does. Fuzzbucket is healing well but probably needs a bit of special care because she still has a pin in her leg. She can be found at Bradford Hills Veterinary Hospital in Wexford, PA. Call them up at 724-935-5827 and let them know you're interested! I hope she isn't homeless for very long.

I read earlier that the new skyscraper being built on Ground Zero in NYC isn't going to be called the Freedom Tower anymore. It's going to be called One World Trade Center. Are you kidding me? The same name as before? That registers to me as kind of insulting. It's like...saying it's the same building and that nothing was ever different. What about the symbolic nature of the building? The article says the owners ditched the name because "it would be more practical to market the tallest building in New York as the former north tower's name, One World Trade Center." Oh, good thing it's practical now! Good thing we're worried about practicality and marketing, here. Another part of the article talks about fears plaguing the name: "that the 102-story Freedom Tower's name could make it more susceptible to future attacks than a symbol of defiance against it." Seriously? The name, here. We're worried about a name driving terrorists to attack again? If Osama bin Laden is over there listening to this information, and he's saying "Oh, it's not going to be called the Freedom Tower anymore? Suddenly I have no desire to attack it" then I'll be sincerely surprised. If they're going to do anything, the name of it will have nothing to do with it. But that doesn't even seem to be a main concern. The main concern is marketing the tower. Oh, our responsibility is getting the tower full. And companies are far less likely to set up shop if it's called the Freedom Tower? Regardless of the name, gah, I'm done ranting.

Anyway, while I was surfing the interwebs earlier and not reading Dracula, figuring out what to write for my African cultures paper, or writing my discussion post for Fantasy and Romance, I discovered an awesome photographer and Superheroesphoto set. Her name is Dulce Pinzón and she studied photography at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which is like right around the corner and I had no idea. The photo set is Superheroes, and documents Latinos at their regular jobs, but dressed as superheroes. It shows how we can really underestimate what people are doing out there. I love this one with Minerva Valencia as Catwoman, working as a nanny. I think I like it most because we don't always think of parents and those who care for children as heroes. But they most certainly are.

Lastly, I'm not feeling like being too amusing tonight because I just found out that a guy I graduated high school with was shot and killed today. It's just crazy how quickly and suddenly life can be over. I'm a little reflective at the moment. And listening to Temple of the Dog, because they help the reflective mood and really make me want to go driving nowhere for a few hours. RIP Jimmy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I must go on a quest

It may be super geeky of me but I think I'm going to go on a quest when I get out of school. What sort of quest? The kind that last months, at least. I've already considered safari-ing across Africa, but I wonder what else is out there. It would probably cost as much as a semester of schooling is here...but at least that money spent will be extremely worth it (in your face, Pitt). The money spent at this school is a 100% waste, but that's the tragedy of the world today. Spend thousands of dollars for a little certificate that says you know something about something even though you've known for years that you already know something about something. I wish you could just go for a job interview and flat out prove you can do the job, and get the job.*

I almost started ranting again. Well, I kind of did actually, but I promise I'm done. I just ate a box of Junior Mints for lunch. That's right folks, I ate a cup of blackberry yogurt in a minute flat at 7:40 AM so I wouldn't be late for the bus after laying in bed for 20 minutes debating whether I should get up or not, and other than this box of Junior Mints**, I can't eat anything resembling real food until after 6 pm. That's what bills do. They suck away everything you love. And even then, whatever I eat probably won't be real food either, but some sort of powdery cheese and noodle mix that, though delicious, doesn't satisfy the hunger like, say, an oil and garlic pasta with spinach, onions, and red peppers would. Oh, I dare not even think of it.

* - I guess that's not so relevant for surgeons and lawyers and marine biologists and such, who probably don't know too much about their professions before college. Fiction major, however, is absolutely pointless. But alas, here I am.

**- That is not to say, however, that they weren't insanely delicious while they lasted. I'm debating going for another box. I'll clear out that vending machine in the corner so nobody else can have them, and forever be known as the Junior Mint Fiend of the Second Vending Machine from the Left on the Second Floor of the Public Health Building.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm in ur fillosoffee klass, takin ur pikturs

Spring at last

At 1 pm this afternoon you'd think I'd be decently awake. But no, not even after getting ten hours of sleep, am I all that chipper. There's some sort of battle going on in my sinuses and they must be using flaming arrows because that's exactly what my nose feels like. And then I picked today of all days to start preparing for sunglasses weather and get my eyes used to contacts again instead of glasses. Maybe these contacts are just old though. At any rate, there I am sans glasses and after a good half hour of hair curling, even though it doesn't look like it because it looked ten times better just after I did it. I don't even know why I did it in the first place. It's not a very good day. That's the back corner of my philosophy class behind me, which consists of 250 other people and me snoring within 30 seconds. When you're tired and sick you usually wear huge sweatshirts and disregard your appearance, but then again that's what I do just about every day anymore. I suppose I felt that since my class was later and I got more sleep, I could try harder. Big mistake. I really miss my big comfy hoodies. I would rather have a Snuggie though, and wear it around campus and look like a monk, but possibly be the most comfortable person around.

I do realize there was no Caturday post again, but you'll have to forgive me as I find myself in some sort of transitional period. A little after my rant I went to the school counselor and decided to go see a psychiatrist or whatever the name of the one I'm going to is called. Psycho something. I've been a little muddled because of all of this. There's about 4-5 weeks of school left and I'm going to start a countdown and tick off the days. That's how ready I am to get the heck outta here. Of course then I have to go back for another year in a few months again, but that's something I really don't want to think about right now.

So other than that, I created a Tumblr. It's pretty cool. I like how you can just post things you find and not go into lengthy blog posts about them. It's pretty spiffy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yeah, you can't resist this kitten

I has a flavor? Alright, this is the infamous "I has a flavor" kitten from the ever-popular lolcats phenomenon. I love this kitten. Earlier I even contemplated writing my short story that's due tomorrow about a girl with tattooed legs (because I had just seen that outside at Pitt) who could conjure kittens of peril who were rather perilous but still did all those classic little kitten maneuvers, like bumping into cabinets and falling into their milk. But I can't remotely even imagine what the plot would be. I can just imagine one of them looking like the "I has a flavor" kitten.

I think I'm going to start recording videos or something. I use my webcam once every six fortnights to take one picture. I also have a minidv camcorder AND a flip video recorder. Come on now. Let's put that shit to work.

Also, in regards to yesterday's depressing post, I went to counseling this morning and I'm basically to go to this place in sewickley and become medicated. Oh goody. I've had a painful eyebrow since I woke up and it's obviously out to ruin my day, although that's impossible because it was already ruined when I woke up an hour late and thus registered late for fall classes. Oh crap, I just remembered something I have to do. Well that's all then. I hope I can write some sort of story by tomorrow night. Ergh.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rant of Ridiculousness

I've decided to complain, and I'm going to do it in under five minutes because I'm exploding internally. If you'd like, completely ignore this post, because it probably won't contain any of the kind of information that is useful at all. Fall registration for seniors is tomorrow morning at nine. The only, lonely little reason that I'll be there first thing with my stupid papers is that I want to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. If I wasn't so worried about that, I'd take a year off without hesitation. But what good will that do me? Maybe some time to get help for my increasingly debilitating anxiety and depression issues? There are so many huge things that would have to change. If I finally get going with getting help this summer, I mean, it'll be huge. And it'll be huge because all of this has been a part of my life for, well, half of my life. Half. This is me. I mean, just think about changing yourself. I will not come out of this and be the same person. It's impossible because this stuff is a part of me. A pretty big part that affects every single thing in my life. I've been telling myself I need to go talk to someone for years and I don't know if anyone can understand my hesitation, because nobody around me seems to get it. That's understandable of course, as I can't even articulate what I'm thinking half the time. Everything worries me. Being in the shower too long worries me. Worthless essays worry me. Work worries me. Friendship and relationship issues worry me. It goes from stupid things to things normal people stress about, but it all gets to me the same way. I honestly can't believe my moral standpoints are still there, as it's a wonder I'm not drinking every night or doing drugs.

But yeah, I'm possibly going to talk to a counselor at school tomorrow or something, provided I have time after all of the stupid papers and things I have to write. I haven't had one test yet this semester and I don't think I'll ever have one. It's all essays. And they're all due the same weeks. I miss the days of just studying, not trying to think about good sentences and supporting your thesis and getting eight pages out. And then you say well, aren't you a writing major? Yes, yes I am. And I'm stressing because I really hate writing anymore. I hate being forced to do it. Writing makes me miserable and that's hard for me to take because I'm in my junior freaking year of a WRITING major. What the hell do I do if writing makes me miserable forever? I'm never going back to school after this no matter what the outcome. It's so pointless to me and I feel like I'm the only one who has a serious problem with it. I have more work for my general education requirement African Culture class than any other. Honestly, seriously, I really do not care about these things right now. I want to get my major related work done. I don't see why I have to make a 20 minute presentation on Somalia and piracy and write a 15 page paper with group members and do all of this research and spend all of this time...for what? For one grade in a class I don't need or care about. I hate the useless work. A presentation about analyzing one specific  scene in Hamlet? What is the point? And who hasn't read it a million times and how is that going to help me with my education. Honestly the only good I have gotten out of college the last three years is feedback on my short stories from classmates, and I can get that from FRIENDS for FREE without spending thousands of dollars on general requirements that I don't see the point of. I also recently found out that my Cultures of Africa class doesn't count towards one of my foreign culture credits. I looked at my advisor and went "Cultures...of Africa...isn't a foreign culture class?" So I basically took that class as an elective and I still need two more. Apparently it's not "approved" for the arts and sciences department's general requirements list. Not approved? What the HELL is it even offered for then? And he went further to say that I can't take any "global" foreign cultures, they have to be "non-western" or "comparative." Honestly, I can't understand the point of all of this. I got more knowledge of foreign culture when I traveled to Europe a couple times than I ever will in any of these classes, especially this one. None of what has been said is something I don't already know, because it's just a general class. It's not a class on like, apartheid or something. General. Cultures of Africa. I'm so appalled at all of this right now.

I think I'll just conclude there, as nobody wants to read my banter and I don't really even want to read my banter. But I just had that African class a couple hours ago and we were assigned all of this crap that I will not have time to focus on with all of my other classes. I think college shouldn't be necessary to get anywhere in the world. It's not for everyone. It's slowly driving me insane. You can get so much knowledge from other sources and I just don't understand this.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caturday, Egyptian adventures, and the evil Spell Checker

CaturdayJust to warn you, this post may be epic. For some reason I just have a ton to say. Before I get into Caturday though, I'd like to curse and thank Maggie over at ModCloth for filling my head with dreams of Egypt. Amusingly enough, before I looked at this tour, I'd never really had a huge desire to go there. The places I really wanted to go were Greece, Hungary, Spain, Australia, Russia. And I really want to go to Istanbul. I wish it was still named Constantinople. What a sweet name. But anyway, you start in Cairo and trek all the way over to Mt. Sinai, which would be breathtaking for me on so many levels and I can't believe I never thought of it before. I've been mulling over some thoughts of taking a grand adventure after I graduate next spring to celebrate finally being out of school and to enjoy what little money I have before I start having to pay my loans back and head even deeper into this so-called "real world" thing. I had originally been thinking Spain, but now going on a completely non-luxurious adventure just sounds amazing. I want to ride a camel. I would feel so awesome if I made it happen. Someday I'm going to go on one of the trips that are weeks and weeks long. It looks to me like fall is a good time to do it, as I'm not a huge fan of dust and they have some dusty summers over there. If I go in September then it's likely that I'll be 23 years old when this happens. I feel old.Pixie at PetFinder

Now, let's leave my foolish dreams behind and go on to Caturday. This here is Pixie, a seven year old girl who is located at my local Beaver County Humane Society in Monaca, PA. She was abandoned because her owners were allergic to her, which really kills me because she's just seven years old and has so much more time to spend with a loving family. I love her face so much, she looks like she's smiling just a little in this picture, like the Mona Lisa! It says short hair on her page, but I think I'd beg to differ on that, she looks quite fluffy if you ask me. Those are the best though. I could pet my long-haired kitty, Star, all day! Please call 724-775-5801 and give Pixie a home!

I love that little smile on her face. Anyway though, besides the Egypt find, I have something else that basically came from the same ModCloth post. It's this website, and I just adore it. I can't wait to yell at someone for their pigritude (laziness) and say that my burger contains a sinapistic sauce (consisting of mustard). And then maybe call someone an orgiophant, who is someone in charge of orgies. Although looking at that word, I could probably have guessed something like that. Haha I just clicked this one: Squiriferous - having the character or qualities of a gentleman. Obviously meant as a compliment, I can just imagine calling someone that. "What'd you call me? Squirrel-what?"

And since my last short story is due on Thursday, I figured hey, I should probably start that today. I don't feel like explaining the details, but I really really love Microsoft Word's spell check and grammar suggestions, and I found this hilarious. See, it might make sense if the sentence was something like "Knowing you is something I would never trade for anything" or something dumb like that. But the sentence is "Knowing you're leaving everything that's familiar Idiot Spell Checkerbehind." Yes I know it's a fragment, it's on purpose, so don't you heckle me. And look at what Microsoft Word told me to change "you're" to. "You is"? Like, "Knowing you is leaving everything that's familiar behind"? COME ON NOW! I know you can read it like, that's what knowing you is like. But that's not even close to the context of it. It's not even dialogue or anything between two people. It's a fragment when you say it like I mean it to be said. Not that I can expect the spell checker to be that smart, but it's just hilarious. "You is" isn't even an acceptable way to break down that contraction! Why doesn't it take into consideration the entire...GAH I can't even rant about it because it's the Microsoft World spell checker and it never knows what's going on. If I was much younger and running the spell checker on my paper, letting it correct everything, I'd be screwed. I bet that's why kids don't know how to spell or use grammar correctly anymore. It's the evil spell checker. The spell checker is behind it all. I should write a story about the Spell Checker as a living entity that has become corrupt and literally brainwashes kids. And they have to put together a team with Tim Allen as the leader to somehow be digitized into the computer to fight the Spell Checker, who hits our rag-tag team with corrections to grammatical errors that are so mind-blowing that they realize their job is a lot more difficult than they thought and they have to bring in Brendan Frasier to help...

And that's the epic post. It was going to be longer but I just realized it's after 6 already and I really need to get some more homework done. I also need to get on Pitt's class list thingy and see what I should take next semester. I don't really know what to do. I'll probably be screwed because I'm likely going to fail at least one of my classes this time around. Ah, I just wish it was done.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here's my ink at last

My inkVoila! I'm inked. I finally took a picture even though I got it done five days ago. It looks crappy on a webcam, but I promise it's awesome lol. Since you probably can't read it, it says "Litera scripta manet" in Latin and it means "The written word remains," incase you missed my earlier post about it. But if you scroll down you can see the post with the picture of what I got. I didn't know what to expect it to feel like, but it definitely felt like tons of needles darting in and out of my skin in a concentrated area. And then on the edge of the "L" when it went over my shoulderblade it hurt like hell because there's nothing there. And my friend Tori was with me and she kept laughing at the funny faces I was making. According to her, I wasn't making pain faces, I was making annoyed, what the hell are you doing faces. I believe it, even though I wasn't even close to annoyed. I was super excited and she talked to me the entire time and on the way there to keep me from freaking out haha. It definitely helped.

Otherwise, I totally missed the Saturday is Caturday post. I can honestly say I think it's World of Warcraft's fault, not to mention spring break. I forgot it was Saturday really. I was just doing whatever. But the great news is that I'll never forget again, and I checked on the last two cats and they were both adopted! I'm so happy. So now every one I've featured has been adopted. It's pretty exciting.

Other than this I don't have much to say. I recently discovered that the Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad at Friday's (where I work) has like 1300 calories. Good thing I despise that salad. I usually get the Cobb Salad, without bacon and avocado, and adding onions and peppers. Maybe 500 calories or a little less. I'm not saying this because I'm dieting or anything, I just think it's hilarious. 1300 calories? Even better...Chili's has a burger that's got 3810 mg of sodium and 122 grams of fat. Holy stromboli, Batman. There's some other cool restaurant facts here. Most health articles bore the hell out of me, but I really enjoy the whole grading restaurants thing. It's presented in a cool way and makes me want to check out how my favorite places stack up, even though a couple aren't on there. Although it irks me a little to find McDonald's and a couple other places like that with B+ grades...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

That Time I Did Nothing Productive All Day

...Oh wait! That's pretty much every day unless I have an essay due the next day. This next week and a half is going to consist of me eating from the all you can eat buffet of laziness. And also probably some normal food eating as well. But today was special, because it just happened to be my last day of class before spring break. But that class happened to end at 10:45 AM, so I've basically been romping around in glee all day, eating Santa Fe Chicken Salads and buying Galileo, Galileo!dresses at the mall and potato wedges from Walmart. I probably should've bought a celebratory cake. I bought a cake last Sunday that said "Happy Birthday" on it even though it's six months away, brought it to the apartment, and ate it right from the tray over the course of the last few days. Just because I wanted buttercream icing and didn't want to be lazy and just buy a tub of that (no, I'm not pregnant). But it was a little round cake so don't everyone freak out on me for eating a sheet cake by myself. Nevertheless, those of you who knew of my buttercream icing craving will be happy to know that I have been satiated at last. And on that note, check out the hilarious tub of Ben and Jerry's that I found. It's funny as it is, but I lost it when I noticed the cow's speech bubble.

I also bought American Gods by Neil Gaiman. We're reading Neverwhere in my Fantasy and Romance class after break, but I heard this book was great and it seriously sounds awesome. It sounds epic. If I love anything in a fantasy novel, it's epicness. It's this nice fat book and it's sitting right next to my laptop and I keep glancing over at it with what I know to be longing in my eyes. But I can't read it yet. He also wrote Coraline, that recent Tim Burton movie that everyone thought was so good. I haven't seen it, but I probably should. And also read the book.

But big news! I am going to head back into Azeroth. Yes folks, by the end of the Penguins game (hockey, for all you ignorant folk) I will be gallivanting around blasting things with my druid in World of Warcraft. RAWK ON.

Also some YouTube fun is due. I was in the middle of something and randomly decided hm, I'm going to watch some of my favorites on YouTube. Little did I know I would get sucked in for two hours, laughing my ass off the entire time. But those were a good two hours. Here's the "Why is the Rum Gone?" Remix. It's kind of like "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard," which is such a classic. Tattoo tomorrow night also, and I'll hopefully have a photo or two on Saturday.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The iPod-napping of 2009

I'm about 87% sure that my iPod has been napped. I've realized over the last couple days that I haven't seen it in forever. I always think man, I need to charge that thing. So when I have a chance and I look for it in my bag, it's never there. Now on these instances I was just under the impression that I'd left it somewhere in the bedroom floor buried under crumpled essays and rejected sleep pants, or maybe even back at home, but I've failed to find it. There's nowhere it could be, really. I don't use it often and when I do it's in my pocket or in my bag. I can't leave it anywhere because it's attached to my ears, and I'd probably notice any tomfoolery or ridiculous behavior that was afoot. It's disappeared, and since I often forget to grab both of my purse's straps so that it's perpetually hanging open for anyone to reach right in there and pick a prize, I have a pretty convincing feeling that it's been nabbed. I don't know. Usually when I feel like I've lost something...I feel like I've lost something. This time I feel pretty convinced that I've been iPod-napped. You know what's so depressing about that? I had it for two months. And I bought it all by myself with money I should not have spent, but I wanted to have it to listen to on the bus and at school and such. I mean, it was just a classic, but it's not even like I can have this reaction: "Oh joy, I'm sad it was stolen but at least I can get an iPod Touch now to replace it!" No. That's is entirely impossible. My brief time with that iPod was golden, and now I'm tossed back into the abyss of silence everywhere I go, because I don't even have money to buy a full meal at McDonald's. Yeah, I just bought fries earlier.

So if I'm not already sad enough about being unable to buy literally anything, I don't know what I'll do when these videogames I so desperately want finally arrive in the US. There's actually a couple I want now, but the thought of spending $50 on something is just so daunting to me. It sounds like I'm spending my life savings and I can't eat for a whole year. My tax return basically disappeared in a matter of days. I still can't make my whole half of the rent. Oh yeah! And I really want to play WoW again. It's crazy. I really want to play it. It's just too fun. But $15 a month sounds like spending my life savings too. But oh, the fun. I also don't want to play it on my laptop. I need a new desktop so bad but since I like to have a computer with a pretty sizeable beefcake, I would need way over $1000. But since I just thought of this now and I'm clutching my sides at school trying not to burst into laughter, here's Leeroy Jenkins.

Anyway, I'm not going to be doing pictures until this coming weekend. It was too dreary last weekend and I think it'll be nicer this time around. Thursday I may start since I get to go home way earlier than normal. I don't know. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get some of the nickels at the bottom of my bag together and buy an orange pop. Then again I'll need a coffee for my night class. I have quite the decision ahead of me.