Thursday, June 18, 2009

Squishy Whales and a Spontaneous Trip to the Chevy Dealership

Several things to cover today. Firstly, I want a squishy whale. Important? Probably not. Adorable? ABSOLUTELY. I would also like the octopus, because it's just too cute. But orcas are my favorite animal (next to penguins!) and I actually used to draw them all over everything. Yes, even my Aladdin coloring books. I'm actually looking into researching them and possibly writing a few things. I just love them, and greatly desire to free them all from Sea Worlds. Along with all of the dolphins and seals and such.

Next, before I get into the grand whammy that occurred this morning after my appointment, just a quick update on my Mac fund. I currently have just about $1000 towards it. The sad part is that being the ridiculous geek that I am, I need the upper-end model. Not the $2000+ one, but at least the one below that. The one with the 2.93 GHz processor and NVIDIA GT 120 graphics card. I shudder to think of that delicious graphics card. So taking into account the discount Pitt gives me, I still need $700 plus tax. Two more paychecks I hope? Ugh.

In the driver's seat< geeky Camaro excitement > And now! THE MAIN EVENT. This morning, after my early appointment, I decided to stop by the Chevy dealership. Why, you ask? Why Ashley, you're a broke college student, what could you possibly be going to a car dealership for? FOR THE NEW CAMARO THAT'S WHAT! It was brilliant. All of the salespeople were standing out front when I pulled up in my dirty-ass black Civic. I got out and said something along the lines of "You guys waiting for me all this time?" They all laughed instantly, even though it wasn't that funny at all, and I could almost see all of their eyes glimmer with anticipation of guilting me into buying something I couldn't afford. I put my hands on my hips and said "So, have any Camaros?" The one guy leapt right on that. "Oh sure! Sure we just have one in the showroom here. It's red." He emphasized the "red" part with bulging eyes and waggling hands. I overlooked this at the time though in anticipation of the sheer punch-you-in-the-face power I was about to behold. It was all the way at the other end of the room, all the way at the back behind all of the other crappy Corvettes and Impalas. It was so far that by the time I rounded a silver Traverse and saw that gorgeous, speeding-ticket-red car, I was ALIVE. And then he opened the door and said "Sit." I had some sort of 15-year-old giggly moment and instantly sat. I put my hands on the steering wheel and gazed out over that long hood. I touched the name and took a huge breath. This probably wasn't the best idea. He came over and sat in the passenger seat, put the key in the ignition, and said "Turn it." It roared to life, along with The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" at full blast. I couldn't believe he let me start it. I must've looked completely starstruck. I know I did. I was in love. I was in the very SEAT of my dream car, clutching the wheel so hard it actually stuck a little when I tried to let go. He attempted pretty heartily to get me to agree that it was possible for me to afford it, but I couldn't beDreaming of the possibilities swayed. He was just having fun when he realized I was just another car lover. He even took a picture of me in it with my Blackberry. Some of the other guys talked to us for awhile about some of the other models they've had recently and about some other Camaro fun. One of them was like "I remember what it's like. I know that look. I once had a '67 Camaro. I bet you know what that means." I nodded enthusiastically, eyes wide with wonder at the very thought. My salesguy then entrusted me with the golden object of ultimate glory: the 2010 Camaro book. He only had ten. He was like, we don't just give these to anybody. I hugged it, and he sent me on my way back to my dirty Civic and flower-covered seat covers. I then called my father and spent the entire ride home enthusiastically recounting everything that had just happened, giggling about every five seconds. Someday, guys. SOMEDAY. This car, or a car of the same name but about 30 years older, WILL be mine someday. Mark my words! </ geeky Camaro excitement >

Monday, June 15, 2009

The City of Champions indeed

Sid lifts Lord Stanley's cupFriday night happened to be one of the funnest, most memorable nights of my life. That night I drank Canadian beer, hugged twenty complete strangers, blew my lungs out from screaming, and actually cried when Sidney Crosby hoisted the Stanley Cup. That's right, kids. I cried. When he was taking the picture with it, the kid was trembling. He was a child again, and when they finally let him grab each end of that glorious cup and lift it over his head, I'm pretty sure he immediately went back to those days when it was only just a distant dream. So being the drunk, unbelievably happy woman that I was, I cried. We did it. The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup. A new dynasty has been born. I really don't think I've been that happy in a very long time. I had so much fun with the people I was with. No drama, just a great time. Everyone was out in the streets and it was unbelievable. So following all of this merrymaking, I was basically a complete pit of despair in the morning. Well, I know that doesn't make sense, but I was. I was actually a little late to work because I wanted so badly just to stay in bed all day in the dark. I wasn't even hungover at that point, I was just extremely low. It felt like back in the day when I used to be really bad, years ago. My theory is that I crashed off the high of the night before, but I don't even know if such a thing is possible. Of course then the day after ended up being even worse at work, but that wasn't really related to my blah problems. Today was fine though, so I don't even know what happened to the weekend. Oh well. I just know I get paid tomorrow and I get to withdraw a ton of moneys to save for my future Mac. One more paycheck and IT SHALL BE MINE. Unless of course I want the better video card, in which case I'll need yet another paycheck. Meh.

I think there was more that I wanted to say, but I just realized it's 1:30 AM and I'm inexplicably exhausted all of a sudden. I'm attempting to not have so much space between posts, but things have been so ridiculous lately. But I'm sorting it out. I just don't adapt well to change, especially huge change. It's not really my decision to make though, nor do I have the right to make anyone do anything. So I just get to sit here confused and conflicted and basically passive as hell. Irritating, but there's not a lot I can do. Except listen to Mad Season, because early Layne Staley is KICKASS. Next time I won't be so blah, I promise. I'll also have some pictures from the pink wonder-gadget next time as well. I'm just too lazy to email them to myself right now.