Friday, August 28, 2009

The Return of Caturday, and a Revelation

CaturdayI don't know what could have possibly lead me to stop doing Caturday, but whatever it was is certainly not as important as saving kittens. And I think I may be starting something else up this fall, but I have to think about it a little more and figure out what to do. But anyway, here is this week's snuggle-muffin, Alice.Alice at PetFinder Firstly, she sports one of my favorite names of all time. Secondly, just look at that face. This is the sort of picture I can totally see on I Can Has Cheezburger with big white writing on it that reads "O, I see u fownd mah seekrit files to tayk ovar teh cheezburger faktoree." Ahem. Those big, bright eyes of hers are too adorable. Unfortunately it seems that she is a bit of a troublemaker at the office she lives in. If I was a cat I wouldn't want to live at an office either. I mean, nobody wants to cuddle you because they have "work" to do and all the potential fun you could have is squashed by the shiny black heel of the "man." She sounds extremely affectionate though and frequently wants to sleep in somebody's lap, so it's quite a shame that she doesn't have any welcoming laps at her disposal. I'm willing to bet she doesn't have any sunny patios to sleep on either, or any windowsills where she can gaze out at nature for hours on end. Alice can be found by visiting the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania in East Liberty (Pittsburgh, PA)  or by emailing the foster coordinator, Cleda Klingensmith, at

In related news, I think I'm going to volunteer at an animal shelter. I would really, really, really enjoy that. In fact, doing so may actually help me get through school much more easily. Doing something I feel good about for once. I'm one of those...I don't know, one of those people who feels inexplicably drawn to things. I'm a huge advocate for the "everything happens for a reason" principle. I had a breakdown, I left my job, I don't really know where to go or what to do right now, but doing this just sounds so right. I haven't done anything that makes me feel good about myself in a very long time. I started writing something recently that I feel surprisingly good about though, and I'm really wired to ride this wave of "feeling good" for as long as possible. I'm sick of wasting my time, you know? I have the opportunity right now to do this, and I want to take it. I won't be able to not work forever. I want to do something I feel good about. Now I just have to lay out my budget and figure out just how bad this would screw me financially. The sad part is that I wish I cared more about that part right now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Murloc Ringtone, and Theme Issues

I've been meaning to do this for AGES now. I knew there had to be a murloc ringtone out there. For those of you who are unenlightened, a murloc is a popular beastie from World of Warcraft that makes a hilarious little noise when it goes aggressive on you. It looks sort of like a walking frog-amphibian-thing. Well within two clicks from Google I found it. So now I have an aggressive murloc going "Rllwrrrrllwrrrrrwrrrr" at me when I get a text message, and I couldn't be happier. For anyone who is interested or curious, here's the link to the mp3, phone-friendly murloc ringtone:

I'm also slowly attempting to figure out a new layout for the site. I really like this theme, but the problem is I can't figure out how to customize it and that's extremely irritating when all I want to do is put in a taller banner image. I think it's more difficult than I previously expected though, so I might just do some photoshopping and make something new or find myself a different theme. I might be doing that in like, five minutes, so maybe the site already has a different layout. I just know I'm gonna be geeking out in a minute here while I set all my computers up to start working on things. Then I'm going to drink apple juice and listen to some soundtracks. Sometimes I really wish I had better things to do...but then, no, I really don't wish that at all.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Cute Monster under the Bed, or Pikachu Transformer?

It's always a good day when I go to the Yahoo homepage and there's a little box on the side that showcases some new concept cars from a recent auto show. Now, I've never been a fan of Scions. To me, they're just little sexified vehicles that high schoolers want because they look so darn "hip." That Scion xB isn't as desirable for the young teen, as it looks like it should be the future mail-truck. Anywho, I came across this car on the right while browsing the new concepts. It's a Scion iQ. What possessed them to call it the "iQ" escapes me completely. I can't lie, however, I am a fan of that color. Something about it changes from yellow to green in different environments. But seriously, it just looks adorable, not badass or hip or whatever. It looks adorable. It looks like a monster you'd find under your bed, except that monster happens to be cute as hell even as it attempts to leap around and make "scary" faces that only make you giggle even more. Look at the cute little teeth it has! Actually, just five seconds ago @RobRyoka on Twitter said it looks like a Pikachu transformer, which is brilliant and almost caused me to spurt hazelnut coffee all over my $2500 Mac. I know they're using the whole compact hatchback thing like the "Smart" cars since they're good with fuel economy, but I can't see anyone but an emo kid with his lip pierced in this car, blasting My Chemical Romance, wearing aviators, and wondering why people don't think he's cooler. And then he'll make it worse by putting an exhaust tip on and messing with anything he can to make the car so loud that you can hear him coming from five miles away.

In other news, I'm in a job rut. Last night was the first time in, well, ever, that I actually felt good and confident about this school year and my future in the publishing industry in general. I was on the Tor website last night, which is the publishing company that I can only dream of working for. Right on the front of the site it says "Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects." Basically the motto of my life. So many great books have been published by them. My own favorite, Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon, came from Tor. I discovered last night that they have an internship program. Unfortunately it's in New York, but I think I've found my game plan for when I graduate in the spring. Spend this whole year getting involved as much as possible, submit writing to journals and contests, and go for that internship when I graduate. And maybe, if I really bust my butt and show how serious I am about it, just maybe they'll give me a job. That's the plan. Bust my butt and work for Tor. I'm getting tingly just thinking about it. Unfortunately I'd have to move up there, but we'll cross that bridge later. Now I just have to build a resume and get started. Hopefully I can even get a local internship for this fall. That would certainly help, since I'm in a job rut and don't really know what to do. But Stephen's coming back from work to help me make a resume and get all of this started, so I'm pretty excited. Now I just need more pinot grigio to celebrate. My birthday is in less than a month, you know...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

That dreaded time of year is upon us

That's right folks, in just a few short weeks I'll be headed back to that miserable, gray, absurdly-overpriced-for-poor-college-kids-who-don't-have-everything-paid-for-by-their-daddies area of Pittsburgh known as Oakland. I think if I was a city-girl I'd enjoy the University of Pittsburgh much more, but I grew up in a little suburb with a McDonald's as the hangout spot. Needless to say I'm not exactly looking forward to it, especially with my experiences from last year. Last year was probably what I would distinguish as the very worst year of my life thus far, so with that in mind, I can't help but at least be a little hopeful. I'm also looking to at least be able to eat at the "Taco Bell" level of college eating. Last year I went from eel rolls once a week at the Cathedral, to a greek salad at Panera, to three soft tacos at Taco Bell, to one mustard and salami sandwich, to a pack of veggie Wheat-Thins and/or Junior Mints from a vending machine, to absolutely nothing. I aim to at least eat at the "Taco Bell" level this year, or at least this fall. Next spring will be my last semester at Pitt and I'll be too happy to not eat sushi once a week, regardless of my financial situation. My birthday is also in less than a month, and I suggest everyone send me blue slushies, greek salads, garlic pastas, and tickets to Disney World.

Also, I purchased my second Wii yesterday, after it was determined that my first Wii would no longer be in my possession. So now I have the problem of figuring out which game to play. I've been trading everything in from previous Wii games I don't want anymore to random books that I'll never read again. Now I have a shiny new Wii and eight games, some of which are courtesy of Stephen and his willingness to trade in 50 or so of his DVDs. I'm probably off to play Okami. After all, I've been waiting to play that game for like four years now.