Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glaceon pwns you, and your pitiful Meowth.

So sometime during that month or so that I disappeared for, I created this draft and titled it. And for the sake of my own amusement, I'm going to keep the title, even though it's as relevant to this post as learning about Kant in your bioengineering class. But for a quick explanation, December for some reason was "Change-Your-Profile-Picture-To-Your-Favorite-Pokemon" month on Facebook. So being a girl back in the glory days of Pokemon in America, I was naturally an Eevee fan. Cute little kitten-like thing. And then Eevee gained like, six awesome evolved forms. I don't really remember or know the mechanics, so don't crucify me for any wrongness about this. But Glaceon is one of those forms, and I just happened to like it. But I also kind of wanted to use Lickitung, because that thing is freaking hilarious. Or Psyduck! Psyduckpsyduckpsyduckpsyduck. Cute as hell.

Anyway, I've started my last semester at Pitt. My prediction is that I will eat large quantities of sushi and drink many cups of tea before I finally graduate. I will also hate at least two of my classes, possibly three. Of course I'm worried about my fiction class too, because I not only have to write like five pages to show in class for each class (that's twice a week folks) but I have to form a master work of 50+ pages by the end of the semester. And it has to be good this time. All other times I've just written crap so that it's done. I don't like most of what I've written for my fiction classes because I hate writing short stories. I started writing novels in fourth grade. I had never written a short story before my junior year at Pitt. But now I have the chance to write the first fifty pages of a novel, and I have a grand idea, and I'm gonna write it dammit! And hope that it doesn't, you know, end up being not-so-grand and stuff.

That's all for now. Speaking of "that's all," I bought the first volume of Looney Tunes on DVD and it may have been the smartest purchase of my life. "The Rabbit of Seville" is probably the most brilliant cartoon ever. But anywho, hopefully more soon, since I'm once again unemployed.

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