Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmageddon in Pittsburgh

Here's how you know I like to resist fate (even though I'm a pretty extreme existentialist). Stephen and I sat in the leasing office of an apartment complex in Greentree a week or so ago, contemplating whether or not we should wait to move in til March, or to just take the one that was open now. I happen to believe that certain songs come on for special reasons. You see, for a few days before that moment, I had been serenading Stephen with "Every Rose has its Thorn." Not for any particular reason except to keep him from sleeping at night. I haven't heard that song played in public for at least five years, and while we were sitting in the leasing office, that song came on. And I looked at Stephen and said "It's a sign. We're taking the apartment." And I could have taken the impending storm as a very bad sign, but it wasn't going to happen. And that was that.

We signed the lease on February 5th. That day happened to be the first day of the Snowpocalypse / Snowmageddon / #snOMGpgh in Pittsburgh. The snow started at around noon. I got two carfuls of junk here, Stephen got two carfuls of junk here, and then twenty inches of snow fell. And all we had to eat were chips. So since Stephen and I are lovers of food and cannot possibly go a day without a meal, we opted to brave the roads the next day to go down the road to Giant Eagle. It's now Tuesday, and Pitt has been closed the last two days. It's kind of unprecedented, because Pitt NEVER closes. But I think there would be rioting if they didn't close. That is, there would be rioting if people could actually get out of their homes, which they can't.

Then we found out another storm was coming. And could drop another ten inches. And Stephen is irate because the shovel-napping neighbors stole his parking spot, which he spent several hours snowblowing, shovelling, and salting*. On his way back to his parents' to drop off the snowblower, someone drove down and thought "Gasp! Look at this beautiful, clean parking spot! Someone must have done a lot of hard work to do this!" Then they pulled in. Of course, the neighbors have begun to both fear and respect us** and as soon as we got back, they moved the interloping car and were very friendly about the mistake. Today, he left for his physical therapy appointment, and a Mini Cooper pulled into the spot. Those particular people seemed ignorant of the events of the previous night, though, so we'll have to do something about that.

Well, I'm going to document round two of Snowmageddon. Later or tomorrow I'd like to post a progressive look at the snowfall from my window. And I hope I'm sitting right here by this time tomorrow, too. Pitt cancelling classes yet another day would be cause for serious celebration.***

* best boyfriend on earth
** by "us" I mean Stephen
*** lots of beer

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