Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am Lazy.

But soon, that will all come to an end! The return of Saturday is Caturday next week, plus an interesting idea I've been mulling over for the past year or so. Since I don't expect hundreds of job offers to come flying my way after graduation in a couple months, I need something to occupy my time. Not only am I going to be doing some serious working (at a low-paying job that is nowhere close to my area of interest), but I am going to be setting writing deadlines for myself in order to facilitate the completion of my mega-WIP. And it is mega, because I have been literally formulating nonstop for about a month now in regards to the plot and such. Just yesterday I shrugged off studying for my Developmental Psychology exam because of a sudden spike in brilliance. And then I proceeded to scribble a couple pages of stream-of-consciousness formulating involving random things such as names of stars (the planetary sort) and an evil corporation of Shinra-proportions.

But back to that thing I've been mulling over. I think I'm going to start reviewing books. In all honesty, of all the instruction I've received about fiction in the past four years...I should be pretty good at it. And since most of that instruction has been in short stories, I've been instructing myself in novels, because that is what I write. I can't write short stories, because I want all of that space. I want epic plots and such. The thing is (Stephen says "There's always a thing"), I've read book reviews that are And I don't want that. I want to look at style and clarity and roundness/flatness of characters and the opening and lots of other things in addition to the regular plot and enjoyability stuff. And I refuse to use a five-star model. I'll probably have something like seven categories, all of which will be scored out of 10, with pertinent examples and such. For the style section I'll include examples of sentences I enjoyed, etc. And then I'll average all my numbers for the overall score. I don't plan on being a light reviewer. I'll be very, very in-depth, and I probably won't be able to do more than one per week, if that.

Well, we'll see about all of this after I do all of that stuff I should be doing instead, such as editor query letters and studying and other such things. In the meantime, enjoy this photo I just found from Snowmageddon 2010 Pittsburgh, which I took with my Blackberry from my office window. A squirrel...having found his nuts at last, stares at me after I spent several days watching as he dug through the snow in search of them.

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