Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting Used to this "No School Ever Again" Thing

It's been nearly a month since I graduated. Since then, the job-hunt has been at full-throttle. Well, maybe at three-quarters-throttle. Getting out of school for good has left me feeling incredibly lazy. I've told myself that I only get a month of that, though. I'm gearing up for this stuff. I've been researching Pittsburgh publishing houses, hoping for a low position or an internship or something, and feeling like my chances are good since most of them are small and independent. Those are usually more fun, anyway. More personality, less people. I've also been stewing over some new writing ideas, which is something else I'm going to really be diving into in June. I feel like I want to write something short, which is good for submitting to magazines, but I don't want to do any normal story. Of course I bet every writer says that. But in my senior seminar class, we read a story entitled "Sagittarius" and I can't remember the author, but it was something that I'd like to write. It was grounded in a world that we can easily envision, but had a real fantasy element to it that was really believable. I loved that. A classmate wrote a story like that a couple semesters earlier, as well. I think that if I have to write short stories in order to get anywhere, those are the kind I'll write.

It's getting harder and harder to work somewhere that doesn't give raises for promotions, especially when the new job requires tons more responsibility and care. Even worse, the supervising position doesn't get a raise either. I don't understand where my motivation is to do this job well. I mean, I will, because that's just how I work, but I really wish there was more motivation. I really had no idea it was like this in such places. I mean, not from an inside perspective at least. It makes me want to get inside of Wal-Mart and see what's going on there. It's really repulsive, and I'm actually mulling over writing a letter to these people. I mean, this company is making so much more money thanks to recent promotions, and coworkers are telling me that none of it is translating to us peons, and that things are actually going to get much worse in a month or two. I go in tonight at 6:30, and I think I'm going to ask some questions and get some more information. It's really sad how much shit these people have to deal with on a daily basis with very few incentives to keep doing what they're doing. And you know what? The people I work with now are literally some of the nicest coworkers I've ever had, who are helpful and patient and, for some reason, extremely loyal to the company. Maybe there's just something I haven't figured out yet. Either way, I'll definitely be asking some questions tonight.

As a random tidbit, I'm going to be downgrading my cell phone very soon in order to save cash. If any of you have any idea what kind of person I am, you know that losing my Blackberry and all its smartphone capabilities will be a total blow to my geek lifestyle. No more tweeting, no more searching for how long the Hot Dog Shoppe is open, no more foursquare, no more obsessively checking the doppler radar as soon as a cloud floats across the sky. But I'm a firm believer in taking one for the team, nowadays. I may just have a dinky little texting phone for a little while, but as a result we'll be closer to saving money for a vacation and other necessary things. And I'll take a vacation over the doppler radar any day.

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