Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mac Decals and Other Cute Finds

I remember seeing a Macbook decal ages ago of Snow White holding the apple logo. I thought it was spiffy, and clever, but I'd probably never buy it. Now, I'm known to peruse Etsy from one random product to the next, so that somehow I start at sparrow earrings and end at a glazed jar with a Native American orca symbol on it. Today I happened to start at a cute painting of turtles swimming in the ocean, and somehow came upon a Mac decal shop. It's called MacSlaps, and not only can you get this insanely cute Lego decal for just $12, but there's also a Mr. Potatohead, a VW Bus, and other cute designs. I definitely fell in love with the little Lego man over there. I just love the look on his face. It looks like he's making the sound that the little green martian toys in Toy Story make when they're in awe of something. And their mouths start at one side of their faces and travel to the other side as they go "Oooooooooo!" Too cute.

Then I stumbled upon Poketo.com, where they have about 100 cute wallet designs and it boggles my mind how any site can have that many wallet designs ready for shipping. I mean, I really cannot even wrap my mind around how many insanely cute designs there are. But that isn't even IT! They have accessories and clothing and, my favorite, stationary! And decorative accents. I might explode.  Everything is of a normal price, as well. Except for maybe this rather ordinary-seeming lamp, which is actually $2,500.

I had some other findings from a few days ago, but of course I can't remember where they went or what they even were. Apparently if I don't blog it right away, it's lost forever, because I know I'll never find it again. Guess I've learned my lesson.

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