Thursday, June 3, 2010

Several Brief Reasons Why I No Longer Want an iPhone

I recently purchased a new phone, as my pink Blackberry was driving me positively batty with the web browser taking seven minutes to load a webpage and half the apps never working. I've been dreaming of an iPhone for ages now. I have an iPod Touch, you see, so I have an unnatural obsession with stupid apps that waste hours of a day. I just love the smooth transitions of the screen and how modern and sleek everything looks. I've long been pleading with the gadget gods to make them release a Verizon iPhone. I'd never switch to AT&T. However, then they announced the Droid.

See, the Droid intrigued me. I never had a chance to play with one, but I was curious. Nevertheless, I still had hopes of a Verizon iPhone. I was still clinging to that hope, even as it seemed less and less likely to happen. Then they announced the Droid Incredible, which I wish I could've gotten, if it wasn't so damn expensive. I've heard it's better than the iPhone and I wouldn't doubt it. People seem to think that the only good programmers and designers work for Apple. But somebody went out there and found some better ones.

So I got a Droid Eris. And I'm basically in love with it. It's sleek and sexy and makes me forget the iPhone completely. And I have an iPad now too, but that's beside the point.

I just read today that AT&T is phasing out unlimited data plans. Now, from what I know, that's only for new customers. The options actually involve less money per month than the standard $30 smartphone fee. While that might be pretty attractive to others, it isn't to me. What I love about my phone is not having to worry about how much I use it, and if you know me at all, I have problems with worrying too much. I like my unlimited data plan freedom. I also liked the guy who helped my mother and I find phones at the Verizon store up here, because he was crazy helpful and upbeat and never irritated that our account was all kinds of messed up. I could never be nice and cheerful all the time like that. People who can do that must be from another planet or something.

Speaking of which, and this is completely unrelated, but the most miserable people on earth go through express lanes at grocery stores. I swear, it's like the world is about to end if I'm not sure which freaking cigarettes they're asking me for. Someone yesterday said something about how I should know the cigarettes and I was like "I'm sorry, but do you expect Giant Eagle to have some online training program for cigarette brands? No. I get minimum wage to do this and if you want your smokes that bad, you can wait an extra couple seconds." I'm not sure how much of that I actually said out loud, but, you know, I meant it and stuff.

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  1. The day I got my first Android phone (well over a year ago) was the last day I wanted an iPhone. Android is just too lovely for words. = )