Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Happens When It Finally Happens

Years ago I was but a wee lass who wanted a fishing game. It was this thing with magnets and little poles and for some reason that's all I wanted for Christmas. I wish I had a scanner so you could see the picture from the moment I opened that fishing game on Christmas. My mouth is wide enough to fit six veggie burgers. I'm gesturing to the box like, "It's the freakin fishing game!" My joy at that moment is pretty similar to the joy that resulted from this picture a few days ago.

Anyone who knows me knows I've wanted an iPhone since it was even minutely hinted at that such a thing could exist. I might be the only person on earth who didn't dump Verizon to get one. I waited. I bided my time. So here's what happens when it happens. Verizon dumps their cheap upgrade system just two weeks before the thing becomes available. Very smart by them, but full of suckage for me. I was counting on that to help me get this freaking thing. Now I have to come at this thing from a completely different angle. Another thing that happens when it happens is the fact that Apple will be releasing another iPhone in the summer, and I should probably wait for that one. I mean I've waited this long, right? But I've waited THIS longgggg. I also really want the new iPad because apparently the thing will have a camera or two and that's the only thing I wish my original iPad had. But that won't happen. Ah well. The decision for this thing will probably come down to whether or not I get a "sign." This usually comes in the form of a certain song playing or some other most likely meaningless happening. Although the last time I went by the sign to determine whether or not I make a big decision didn't end up going so well in the end. Curse you, Poison!

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