Monday, April 18, 2011

I Have a Beef with the "Place Order" Button.

Here is just a taste of the beautiful nonsense that rules my life:

Roundabout 11:38 PM -  I realize that I spent half of my only day off since last Sunday with my mouse pointer poised to click on a button that had some variation of "Place Order" on it. I decide to stop impulse buying online. Only online, because I virtually never impulse buy in real life. I decide to keep a log of each time I get to the final page with the "Place Order" button, and succeed in not pressing it.

11:44 PM - I open Excel. I realize I have never opened Excel on this computer, which I got nearly two years ago. Update windows spring up in my face and I'm forced to wait ten minutes for it to update.

11:45 PM - I wonder if there's a Mac version of Excel, since I'm on a Mac. I open the App Store, because this is a perfectly common practice for me, and I'm 100% oblivious to what I'm doing.

12:08 AM - Nearly half an hour later I finally realize I almost bought three different programs, including Numbers, while waiting for the program that I was initially going to use to update.

12:10 AM - I am banging my head off the keyboard.

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