Saturday, May 7, 2011

Caturday After Dark, a.k.a. Posting Late

Here we are at 11:40 PM for an edition of late night Caturday, in which nothing is really different at all except for the fact that I'm posting this late at night. If only I could make some sort of dirty joke, but I had such an awful day at work that I honestly don't feel inclined to even drag a "that's what she said" joke out. I mean I literally did everything possible wrong today. Sometimes when I tell people it was just "one of those days," I'm probably not really having that bad of a day at all. But this was one of those days, and then some. And then the first thing I did after I took my shoes off at home was put my foot in a nice gushy pile of cat barf. Why not when I still had my shoe on? WHY?!

Anyway! Let's check out Lacey from Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort in Beaver Cty, PA. I had a really hard time picking which photo I wanted to feature, because she looks so incredibly soft and pretty in this picture, but one of the other ones showcases the rest of her luxurious coat! The main reason I chose Lacey for today was because she looks a lot like my cat Star, who just died a few weeks ago. The tail did it for me. I loved that bushy tail when I was little. I used to run it over with my little cars and thought it was all good fun. Lacey is still a little girl though, not even a year old, but she was already abandoned. It must be tough to be a little kitten and think you've found your family forever, only to be abandoned shortly after. She looks like such a sweet little kitty though, and apparently she's very friendly and affectionate. Check her out today! How can you resist that face?! I'm melting from the cuteness.

I'll go ahead and dedicate today's post to Star. I was gonna go on and talk about this ridiculous Kinect peripheral that I heard about today, but let's save that to tomorrow. So in honor of Star, go adopt a kitty who needs a home and a family. And if you can't, donate to your local shelter. The kitties and the doggies and their humans will be thankful! :)

Star, who is currently eating all the grass she wants in kitty heaven.

And not barfing any of it up.



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