Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Different Sort of Caturday

Today I won't be featuring a kitty that I've never met. I'm not really sure what sort of post it'll be. Maybe just me musing on why I can't help this cat. Or why it's confined to a small space in the basement with no windows. But I've known this cat for a pretty long time and I honestly can't believe the situation that she's in.

This is Midnight. She's over ten years old and pretty overweight because she literally has no space to exercise. She has belonged to someone I know since she was a kitten, and for awhile she had an entire house to run around in and tons of windows to look out of. Then that person moved in with someone who already had two cats. Those two cats and Midnight apparently didn't get along. The other two cats were favored more and Midnight was jealous and upset. She became a little ornery about everything because nobody seemed to like her anymore. So she was put in the dirty laundry room in the basement, right beside the garage. When I go to that house I always visit her and it destroys me that I can't just whisk her away from that tiny space and give her a proper home. She needs a place where she is the only cat, and I have a little kitty already that she probably wouldn't get along with. I was housesitting at this place while the people were on vacation, and Midnight was the most affectionate cat I've ever seen. The garage was empty so I let her in there to roam around a bit. She had gray clumps of fur on her back where she couldn't reach anymore, so I cut them out and brushed her, which she was fine with for awhile. Her patience for being brushed is sort of thin, but I don't blame her really. She lets you brush her for a bit, then it seems like she remembers how people can stop being nice in an instant and shut you in a dark, cold basement. Midnight is such a pretty cat. She has that look on her face, which is right in the picture, that's saying "Please give me a spot of sunlight on the carpet to sleep in." Her fur constantly has cat litter on it since she basically goes to her litter box then tracks it all back to her bed. I feel so bad for her. I wish I could help. I'm not really asking for someone to come forward and offer to adopt her, although I wouldn't turn you away if you offered, but I guess I'm just asking for a thought or two about the animals that live like this and are neglected every day. And some people might say that Midnight is just a mean cat, but I doubt those people would act any different if they were in this sort of situation. You'd be just as distrustful and upset. If you have a kitty who has lots of space and windows to look out of, go rub behind its ears for a second. It'll at least know it's loved.

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