Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Must Design a Dave Grohl T-shirt

I humbly request that you gaze upon the blissful face of Dave Grohl as a pigtailed schoolgirl in the old "Learn to Fly" video. That right there. I want that exact image on a t-shirt. I will wear it every single day. In fact, I'll have seven made in alternating colors so I can wear one for each day. I'll probably put "GROHL" on the back like it's a sports team. Or if not the  happy schoolgirl Grohl, then definitely a happy Nirvana-drummer Grohl. Because the guy was even more goofy looking as a skinny-ass long-haired big-mouthed Animal-wannabe. Now that I think about it, I should have a pic of him drumming on the front and a pic of Animal drumming on the back. Maybe that'll be my next shirt.

I remember being in love with that video when it came out. I was like...twelve? Perfect. It was love at first sight. Dave Grohl as the gay flight attendant. Dave Grohl as the pilot. Dave Grohl as the omgbiggestfanever schoolgirl. As the fat lady. As himself. And then there's the random Tenacious D appearance, and anybody who knows me at all knows I love them too. I'll definitely have to make several different shirts, as I clearly have far too many ideas for just one. None with short-haired Grohl though. Only long, wildman Grohl. I still to this day cannot believe I saw them in concert a couple years ago. That was just...ugh. I have no words. I'll have to hunt for some pictures from it.

A tiny bit of housekeeping; I've decided to do a Caturday every other week for now since I'm not posting as much as I'd like. If I did it every week, that's probably all I'd be posting. Trying to keep some variety here. Either way I'll probably have updates on my Grohl shirt progress, because I am serious about this, and I don't care what you say.

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