Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is Ridiculous

The boxes are going to be red. That's it. No Nintendo-Select pricing. You cannot imagine what I was thinking when I saw this image in a Joystiq article this morning. I've wanted to play Mario Kart again for forever, but I really don't have $40 to plunk down on it. Because Mario games never go down in price, and when they do, it's 14 years after I originally wanted them. And apparently the red boxes are so that people can...find them better. Do you know how easy it is to spot a Mario game at a store? Either you look at the beginning of the M's or under the "Super" titles. And there they are. They're already probably the easiest games to find, except for the Zhu-Zhu pet games with a mini hamster toy that was probably made in Nam. And the Kung-Zhu games. And the Zhu-Zhu Princess games. Do not ask me how I know all of these things exist.

Fortunately the DS Lite is getting its price slashed to $99.99 on June 5. But I don't particularly care. I'm just angry about the Mario titles. I mean, why don't they just package Mario titles in red cases from now on? It worked nicely for the New Super Mario Bros. on Wii, didn't it? Let's not get poor twenty-something girls' hopes up and send them crashing down again.

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