Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's Amazing Clump of Obsessions

I think Thursday is a good day to do my weekly obsessions. Because I need to go through some of the week to have weekly obsessions, right? Duh. I also nearly put "snazzy" in place of "amazing," except then that would ruin the acronym for the feature...which is TACO. Come on now. It doesn't get any better than TACO for an acronym.


Michael Bolton is...the Awesomest Person Ever. Seriously. (NSFW)


Nintendo Finally Gets on the "Greatest Hits" Bandwagon

After a whole lot of forever, there are finally some "greatest hits"-ish pricing for games that aren't complete garbage. Well, I personally think Super Sluggers is partial garbage. And wait a second. Doesn't Wii Sports come with the console? Its inclusion in this special is strangely not useful at all. Either way, I wish I still had a Wii so I could rebuy Animal Crossing, because I could run around catching bugs and fishing for hours.


Awesomely Cute Art by Apofiss on Deviantart

It looks better in its normal size, or in its gigantic wallpapered size, which is how it is on my computer at the moment. I love the cuteness and the darkness combined. And the smudgyness!

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  1. I'm slowly coming to believe that the Lonely Island / Michael Bolton song is becoming their most epic song yet...