Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Happens When it Happens...and it Really Happens

There it is. The phone of my dreams. Also in the photo is Harold, the plastic shark that was hanging out on the side of a huge alcoholic beverage entitled the "Shark Bite." It had a test tube of some sort of reddish something in it, and when you put the shark in the drink it looked like it had just torn apart a seal or something. Very clever. I'm obviously having a hard time staying focused because of my utter rapture right now. I've had it since yesterday morning, but I was simply too absorbed in fanangling it to my specifications and downloading the necessary apps that I knew I wouldn't be able to pause long enough to write a blog. I'm going to make the Flickr feed a feed of my iPhone photos, because I'll be taking tons. And should you have interest in what I'm up to you can probably find something there. I also like the idea of putting all my pictures on there because I literally take a ton of cell phone pics, and I don't need them all on the phone after I take them. Yay for cloud saving!

Now I just have to wait like twelve centuries for my case from Amazon to come. I also bought one of these clothbound books that I'm obsessed with just to make it over $25 so I could get free shipping, but that was probably a bad idea because the free shipping option usually takes longer. Speaking of things I'm currently obsessed with, I'm thinking of doing a weekly post with that theme. I've found some really cool stuff recently and I think I have a duty to share it. Maybe I'll do it on Tuesdays? Or even Mondays just because Mondays are absolute garbage. And I'd like to cheer people up. These posts have the potential to be really long too. Now I just need to make a snazzy title for the post. And probably a logo title because I love that crap. Welp time to go plan. See you guys tomorrow...or Tuesday.

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