Saturday, June 11, 2011

Geeking Out My Cube, Volume One

I decided to forego the TACO post this week in anticipation of a good amount of geeky cubicle shopping first thing Saturday morning. Having joined the world of people working in tetris-style blocks of offices all organized just so, it's pretty clear that I need to become "that guy," or girl in this case. That person with all the geeky shit all over their cubicle and the amazing daily desk calendar that requires everyone to know what it says every morning. There's a mild geek who has a photo of gigantic cheese wheels on his wall, plus a little bowl with some sort of tiny shrimp thing in it, but nobody with pixel flowers in a pixel pot, a robot plant that bobs in the sunlight, or an Aperture Science mug. Or a flattering image of Dave Grohl as a pig-tailed girl. Because that is the exact picture that I'm going to print and put right on the top of my monitor, just for smiles.


8-Bit Flower Bouquet - $14.99 at ThinkGeek



Flip Flop Solar Plant - $7.99 at ThinkGeek


This face when I'm feeling down - Priceless

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