Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hold Me if I'm Dying...and Vice Versa, Ok?

I completely forgot about the TACO post this week. To my credit, I worked one job from 7 AM to noon, then another from 1:30 til 9:30, so my brain had the awareness of an egg full of silly putty that day. Although I did that routine several times this week, so maybe my brain has the awareness of...moon sand. Or gak. Gak was great.

Anyway, I'm in love with this guy. I laughed so hard every time I watched these. Which was a lot. Most of the past week was spent obsessed with the face acting videos, but then my friend introduced me to the website in number three. Then it was all over for me. I proceeded to get nothing done at all.


"I like girls, but's about justice."


"I'll throw you into the sea after I get you!"


Damn you, autocorrect!

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